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In Crypto, What's Your Purpose

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1 year ago

Everyone has purpose, whether the intent has been realized or not. Where it becomes really interesting is when it comes to operating in the digital asset space. In Crypto, What's Your Purpose?

Purpose and Why You Have It

Everyone walking on this spinning rock has a purpose. Many of us just haven't realized it to full potential yet. Why is that?

There can be any number of reasons. We were trained to well in school. Our parents led us in a direction. Or.... Maybe we have been stymied by fear for far too long in our lives for conscious action to take place.

No worries, don't fret. Here's the deal, you have purpose. Especially if you have been called into the crypto space.

Traders, developers, pundits, HODLers, Investors, Leaders and every other aspect of involvement is included when I say that you have purpose when you're here.

Oh yes, let's not forget that we seek to make money, support a lifestyle and change the world. Oh yeah, we have purpose.

Another Layer Deep

I'm not entirely clear where it came from, but I did hear it from Dean Graziosi in talking about the 7 layers deep. On the surface it seems like any other exercise and then you go through it yourself.

Ask your self why?

Why are you involved in crypto? For each answer, you ask another round of why's. It takes 7 layers to get down to the root of doing what you do and why you do it.

Let's try this one time;

Q1. Why am I involved in crypto?

A1. I am involved to make money.

Q2. Why are you involved to make money?

A2. I love the technology and it can also provide an income.

Q3. Why is it that you love the technology and having an income?

A3. Having the freedom to make decisions and using a technology that will change the world.

Q4. Why do you seek freedom and changing the world?

A4. Freedom let's me not feel controlled by others and changing the world creates that space.

Q5. Why do you want a space that is free from control?

A5. I feel more aligned and able to follow my heart.

Q6. Why do you seek to feel aligned and be able to follow your heart?

A6. When I am in alignment I am free of feeling fear and am in a constant state of flow.

Q7. Why do you seek to feel free of fear and in flow?

A7. When I peel away all of the layers, I seek to live in harmony, operate from a space of love & just be. I am...

Ok Now It's Your Turn

You're in the crypto space and we are all here for a reason, but what's really your reason? Try out 7 layers deep and if you are bold enough, write a response or article too.


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Be blessed!

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Written by   32
1 year ago
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When You Know Your Why. Everything Is Easier!

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