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Imposter Syndrome is Real Just Not with Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago

The current year is proving to be every bit as exciting as was forecasted during the last BTC halving event in 2020. Moonshots are taking off, institutional buy-in is just starting to take hold & mass adoption is moving forward. Yet, something else is still at play. What ever happened to that "Peer to Peer Electronic Cash" sentiment? Read on to see how Imposter Syndrome is Real Just Not with Bitcoin Cash.

Peer to Peer

Over the last several months there have been numerous postings on social media about "The Real BTC" along with questions pointing out the BTC of today may not be in alignment with the original white paper.

Here's the thing. I am not wading into the middle of that discussion. Factually and supported by the current state of affairs, it's easy to say BTC is not in alignment with the original whitepaper. It is also easy to say that crypto is taking on an intended role as we move through 2021.

What is more interesting to look into is how Bitcoin Cash, is moving (has moved, never left or however you want to say it) into the role that I would say originally was intended by BTC.

Peer to Peer transactions that are low cost, timely and effective. Sounds good right?

The Imposter Syndrome in Full Effect

The current times seem to be amplifying many of the issues that have been alive under the surface for quite some time. For example, retail and corporate intersection, mining operations & regulatory issues are just a few of the topics which come to mind that are coming to a head even as I write this.

Never in recorded history (someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I do not think so), has the retail market been ahead of the institutions on any asset class. Gold or other precious metals, spices, even bread for that matter have always been used as leverage over the masses. So what is different now.

As the techies, early adopters, anarchists (non-violent) and other groups gathered around crypto / digital assets, momentum has been building.

The problem has been that the main stream, institutions, regulatory bodies, etc. have all kept an eye on what is happening, but haven't engaged... Until recently.

Whether it has been from huge price swings, other more nefarious activities drawing attention to the space, for the most part, everyone has been left alone... Until recently.

The imposter syndrome seems to be taking hold even further now, whether Binance through their Binance Smart Chain which is yet another version of Ethereum or the continued identity debate between BTC and BCH, we can see now more than ever the power and strength of identity.

Bitcoin Cash and Going Forward

In this author's opinion, one thing is for certain, BCH is here to stay. Even with little speed bumps such as the fork in late 2020 to now create BCH and BCHA, the real BCH has never looked stronger.

With platforms like, and now, we can see what the framework can looklike in a world where BCH is further adopted.

Besides with amazing inexpensive transaction costs, excellent speeds and throughput, isn't this what have been looking for all along.

BTC may hold the gauntlet today, but that's not a forever trophy. Keep looking forward.

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Written by   32
1 year ago
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