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Daily Thoughts Heating Up #6 - Manipulation

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1 month ago

Entering Day 6 on the path to 30 days of Freewriting, the topic of manipulation is at front of thought. More specifically, thinking about the fallout from Gamestop and all of the stonk conversation that has ensued.

What Does It All Mean?

Often in conversation with others, I have said something to the effect that today, this current time in 2021 represents one of the few times if not the one time in history when the the general public has tools and financial faculty available to them which has historically only been available to the elite.

Regardless of where you sit in opinion of what happened with Gamestock and Robinhood trading along with the cast of characters involved, the movement is afoot.

The change in skill sets, capabilities and the elegance at which we are operating is changing at warp speeds in what seems day to day levels.

What is the threat?

Plenty of opinions exist on all ends of the spectrum when it comes to the Gamestop example and even following suit with Silver to include;

"It's market manipulation!"

"The little guy landed a blow"

"This will open the floodgates..."

All of the points are valid and everything that follows could be foretold as well. It all begs the question though; What is the real threat?

Looking a Little Deeper

On the surface you could look at this one-off type situation and say that it was a weakness in the financial system meant to keep the general public in check, etc.

Yet, the risks could be much larger and loom more threatening to those in seats of power than everyone realizes. With that in mind it is not unexpected that talk of U.S. executive orders being used to control the situation.

With this level of involvement and potential engagement, it might be suffice to say that with Gamestop (representative of a litany of topics; Crypto, DeFi, Crowdfunding and other non-mainstream sectors) are over the target.

Usually a show of strength in a response is indicative of quelling a threat before it creates more movement and momentum.

Indicative of the Current State of Affairs

The current state of affairs in regards to Gamestop (with all it represents) is indicative of something much larger. It is perplexing as well as slightly off putting that cancel culture has sprung legs and continued on its current trajectory.

The approach of disempowering, disenfranchising & ultimately moving to destroy something because of a difference is in conflict with our very existence as sovereign beings on this spinning rock.

What Do We Need to Do

I can't leave this piece after writing about all of the different issues affecting us without trying to aid my fellow person in moving forward in the spirit of good works.

Ultimately we ask ourselves, What Do We Need to Do? I say there are 3 things that are simple to say, harder to do and challenging to do consistently. If we keep the ends in mind, then the means are well worth it.

#1 Jettison the preconceived notions - You know what they say about assuming, right? Well it's just that. Don't assume. In fact the first step in every process: NOTICE. Notice what you are thinking and just tell your self that is your mind trying to run in a direction with a preconceived notion. Noticing is the first step in success.

#2 Celebrate the Differences - This may sound nearly impossible. If it is raining down ill words or actions from others, how can you celebrate those differences you may ask? Celebrating the differences can be summed up in APPRECIATION. Appreciate the fact that you are able to discern the differences in you and others, without judgement. The apprecition will build on your previous step of Noticing.

#3 Affirm what you wish to Believe - This is the most critical step in the entire process. What is it that you wish to believe about the situation. It does not matter what anyone else thinks about the situation. Your belief will sustain you through anything. So affirm your belief.

So Here We are 10 Minutes Later

As we continue on the daily march for thoughts heating up. We have covered quite a bit and left with the 3 steps for addressing the situation at hand.

Just remember;

  • Notice or recognize the feelings and emotions are not you, but a program you have been designed to feel and embody.

  • Appreciate your new found skill to leap forward.

  • Affirm your belief of what you truly wish to believe and not that which is be presented, programmed or gaslit.

You have incredible abilities and something like Gamestop (and all it represents) will absolutely help serve in your foundation of growth.

My 10 minutes is up; be blessed!

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Written by   32
1 month ago
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