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Daily Thoughts Heating Up #1

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2 months ago

If you have been on or heard of you will see there is a community called, "Freewriting". The topics are open and the intent is to sit down and start writing for 10 minutes, unscripted, and more importantly less edited (other than spelling, etc.). In the spirit of being involved --> Every day until we reach 30, there will be a Daily Thought shared. This is #1.

Everyday Something is Heating Up

Today as has been over the last several months is the overall crypto markets. It's so amazing and really incredible to watch what is happening right now.

You can almost sense the communities that are moving from project to project and boosting, supporting and showing the overall love for each project.

For example, I remember last year (mid-2020) when the pundits were talking about ADA, Cardano and saying how it would be part of the overall ecosystem.

Then today, it is at #3 on the list of overall market capitalization within the cryptosphere.

Suffice to say that everyday, something is heating up.

Even When The Cold is Present

Recently I wrote a quick piece about my favorite dynamic duo which included the Wim Hof Method. More specifically, it included the use of cold as a multiplying factor.

You could say that even the cold is heating up on some level. For example, I remember the very first time I sat in a tub filled with ice laden water.

The temperature was at 32 degrees F. The stinging chill that hit my body and the pain I experienced in my out extremeties was something that I couldn't have imagined, yet there it was.

As Wim Hof often says,

The cold is righteous...

Those words couldn't have proved more true. I needed to operate from some of the deepest parts of the mind to exist for more than just a dip in the icy water.

Rather after 1 minute, things started to change. Breathing stabilized. The shaking lessoned and I had a sense of calm come over me that I would have expected.

After 2 and 3 minutes, the journey continued with a calm feeling and overall outcome that was excellent on many levels.

As an asthmatic as younger kid and not knowing how to rid myself of the ailment, breathing throughout my life has always been an expected hurdle.

Even that too, calmed and subsided.

While this evolution has been months in the making and been continuing over the last several years, the point still remains.

Even in the cold things are still heating up. Just like the current situation with ADA, we have the power to give meaning to what is happening around us and move forward, further, faster. My 10 minutes are up.

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Written by   31
2 months ago
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Hey thank you for the comment. Such a great group here on ReadCashBlog! Gratitude!

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Nice work

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