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10 Minutes on Trading

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1 month ago

Everything seems to work in cycles. Weather cycles, health cycles, and even cycles in trading. More specifically crypto trading. Here's a quick 10 minutes on trading.

2021 & Beyond

All through 2020 leading up to and just after the Bitcoin halving event, it was easy to find all of the crypto content creators who talked about creating content during a bear market and how challenging it can be.

I watched, listened and read about the "grind" that was needed to adhere to for success. Now that we are moving in the other direction, I would expect the content creators to use this current situation as support also.

Making content during a bull market is challenging in its own way. The competition is more stiff. The sheer volume of content feels like it has ratcheted up and increased in multiples.

With all of that in mind, what does 2021 & beyond look like?

Let's take a gander and see what we find.

Trading is Rising Quickly

It's more difficult not to cross paths with someone talking about, teach, or prognosticating on the finer elements of crypto trading.

It is showing up everywhere, whether it is writing contests on Publish0x or advertisements with your favorite content creator.

The whole concept of leverage in a bull market is mind blowing on many levels and for that reason it seems that the whole topic of Trading is Rising Quickly.

Variety of Products

It's all math & that's all it is. How many times have you heard that? I know it's been out quite a bit. Basically when something is as easy to access as trading platforms and more importantly the capital to use as leverage in trading, well things will take off.

It sure seems that long and short trading of actual assets might become just another peg on the list of options. From derivatives of different futures contracts as well as other price prediction products it sure seems that the world of trading is expanding really quickly.

The variety of products gives way for opportunity for anyone to engage with a set of keys and access to the "Interwebs"...

What To Do Now?

This is the question that comes up over and over again. What to do now and how to actually engage in a way that is productive, adds an element of achievement and satisfaction and creates good in the world.

That's a tall order huh?

The point is that no matter what you do for the majority of your attention span, you can always add something else in between.

You could call it your side hustle, your hobby or even your own way of doing things. The point is that I have seen more and more content creators who have started with a 5 minute a day activity that all of a sudden becomes a huge part of their life.

The same holds through for trading.

Opportunity in Trading

Recently I read in the communication string of a group that I'm a part of where one of the leaders referred to trading and specifically trading with leverage as "dangerous".

We could say the same thing about all sorts of seemingly safe activities right. Brushing your teeth could be dangerous with the wrong tool or in the wrong place.

I had to respond to the comment with my own thoughts on trading with leverage;

Maybe I can add an alternative view to this topic; trading with leverage creates a different risk profile. For this group we look to buy and HODL for longer, much longer periods, so yes trading with leverage is not part of this strategy. For a different lens, strategy, perspective, time line and intent, trading with leverage is absolutely appropriate, just not ours.

Ultimately that's the secret sauce in all of this. What is your intended outcome and what is your expected timeline to get to that outcome.

Trading can absolutely be a part of it.

10 minutes is up, be blessed!

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Written by   32
1 month ago
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