The tears of middle-aged men.

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2 years ago
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Tears are one of the things I feel as I get older.

Men show tears. Therefore, men are forbidden.

This is a very difficult problem. It just flows, but others don't see it. It's a problem that complicates a hard head.

In men, when they enter middle age, the levels of male hormones decrease. It is said that the ratio of female hormones has increased comparatively. So it is said that there are many tears ...

As a man I don’t think I’ll shed many tears.

However, nowadays, there are a lot of things that travel through my nose unnecessarily. I am seeing some sad things and hearing sad stories.

When I see other people's tears, I feel sympathy. Tears are involved with me with the same sympathy, unknowingly !!!

If you hold back the tears, you will get sick. There is a lot of stress in middle-aged men. Tears are shed. It is also said to relieve stress.

But you can't get rid of it anywhere else !! Should I learn to cry very well?

If you see tears in a middle-aged man, pretend not to know. Help reduce the stress on that person. It also increases respect for men. And accept what cannot be controlled as a physiological phenomenon.

Middle-aged people

I can't cry with confidence. There are more tears than you without tears. It's beautiful, more human and warm. When you cry, let it go. It's still flowing like a human.

Middle-aged man !! @Brur.habib

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