Reverse aging.

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2 years ago
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Science fiction becomes a reality... Developed in Korea, a technology to rejuvenate aged cells

Fundamental source technology that takes one step closer to the dream of “reverse aging” was developed by domestic researchers. KAIST announced on the 26th that "Professor Kwang-Hyun Cho of the Department of Bio and Brain Engineering has developed an early source technology for reverse aging to return aged human dermal fibroblasts to normal young cells through systems biology research." Reverse aging refers to a phenomenon in which aging proceeds in the opposite direction by returning cells to a state of young cells.

Professor Cho said, “We have developed a source technology that can prevent not only skin aging, but also various senile diseases that occur when aging cells increase. Will be there.”

I can't imagine what will happen as science and technology develop.

'Reverse aging'...

Returning the cell to a young cell state...

It is tremendous.

There are many side effects from the treatments you are doing to rejuvenate your skin right now. What will happen if these treatments and techniques to rejuvenate aged cells go to the stage where there are no side effects?

Isn't it difficult to tell who is the grandmother, the great-grandmother, the mother, or the daughter?

What would happen to the world if a daughter in her twenties, a mother in her fifties, a grandmother in her 80s, and a great-grandmother over 100 years old all remain young in their twenties?

I don't think it's bad.

When they grow up, they keep their youthfulness and die as time passes.


There is no dementia, no cancer, no old age, and such a world is likely to come.


From Corona 19 right now...what to do.

583 new confirmed cases today..

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