Park scenery.

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2 years ago
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Everyday routine is like a squirrel chat wheel

There is no change. What is unusual about old life?

Except for daily walks in the park

Sometimes I think that you are living a very dry life.

But in my life, a walk in the park is very important

Occupy part Somehow I have to go to the park every day

It is like having a good day.

Most of the old people in my neighborhood go

I will come to the park with the same thoughts as me.

From a few days ago, I saw interesting old people in the park.

Got to see

Three old people with white hair on the grass

I was able to see them sitting open and talking.

The first day I thought it was okay and passed

Share the tea in a thermos

I asked if I was sitting to get to the sun

Yesterday three elderly people lie on the floor.

It’s fun to look at it,

It was also anxious.

Yesterday, fine dust was good all day,

Because ultrafine dust was very bad

Wouldn't it be right to lie down in the open air and bask in the sun?

I was also concerned.

I was lying on the floor again today.

Because of the corona, the elderly have nowhere to go

It seems to be coming out in the park a lot.

I made a look of the elderly.

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