Bitcoin held by the exchange is the lowest since 18 years.

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It is said that while the number of bitcoin whale investors including various institutions is increasing, the number of bitcoins held on cryptocurrency exchanges is said to have the lowest level since August 18, about 2.3 million.

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As there is a phenomenon that Bitcoin is not stored on the exchange but is withdrawn to a personal wallet after the purchase, whether the exchange actually stores the bitcoin is expected to emerge as an issue again.

Some exchanges are aware that some exchanges are conducting book transactions without real objects, but the more such withdrawal requests are made, the more the limit of book trading will be revealed.

Exchanges that engage in such book trading as soon as possible should be withdrawn.

On the other hand, there was a survey that the whales holding more than 1,000 bitcoins will buy more bitcoins in the future, so I feel that the bull market has not started yet.

The current adjustment seems to be a very healthy adjustment...

Just as those who preoccupied stocks first made big money during the KOSDAQ boom in the past, is there a time when we can make big money when we first encounter cryptocurrency like us?

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