$WHALE is creating Whales.

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  • $WHALE is a "social currency" issued through a platform that has been primarily responsible for validating the concept of "branded" cryptocurrencies for creators, influencers, etc. Roll, at the time of this writing, has deployed upwards of 200 erc20 tokens, all of which follow the same base distribution model: 10,000,000 possible tokens, vested over the course of 3 years; with an initial release of 2,000,000 to the wallet address provided during onboarding. The use-cases and implementations of these tokens (as well as the offered rewards, rate of adoption, and established values) are incredibly diverse, with some very unique and interesting integrations coming forward.
    I'll write again soon to touch on some other interesting utilzations of these tokens, but for now, we'll stick to $WHALE. $WHALE was officially released on May 18th, 2020; after thourough planning regarding tokenomics, use-cases, etc. Created by one of the most enthusiastic and influential NFT collectors currently in the space; the value of $WHALE (before considering market-history, trade volume, liquidity, etc.) is supported by the constantly increasing value of the NFT collection now known as "The Vault". Y0u may be asking yourself why you should care about one whale's collection, or why a token with a value based on said collection is appealing, and I imagine, were I not actively involved in the community since 2 weeks prior to launch, I'd likely be wondering the same.
    The first important distinction to be made is that "The Vault" is no longer one person's collection of NFT's. The entirety of the collection, and therefore the value supporting $WHALE, belongs to the community who are enabling the project's success. Another important thing to be aware of is that said community is approaching 2000 people in the public discord, including a substantial majority of the "movers and shakers" in the NFT ecosystem.
    There is quite regularly live events held in the community discord, featuring prominent names in the space as well as oppurtunities to collect airdrops and earn other rewards, liquidity mining has been implemented; offering additional $WHALE every month to accounts providing the required amount of liquidity on Uniswap, and a number of other incentives and rewards can be earned simply by participating in the community. I'll let you DYOR, and will provide links to the relevant documents, as I could likely spend another hour explaining all of the ways that $WHALE is providing value that extends far beyond monetary interest.
    That said, if your interest is primarily monetary, you should be HODL'ing $WHALE already, and if you're not, it's pretty likely you'll end up regretting your decision to ignore the hype that it's been relatively hard not to see.

    Nothing I say, write, or otherwise discuss should be considered financial, legal or investment advice. My thoughts and opinions are my own, and are certainly not formed from any type of legal or financial expertise.

    With that out of the way, here's why I think you're crazy if you've been ignoring $WHALE, or if you've been considering it and not made a decision. At the beginning of August (or possibly July, but I'm pretty sure it was August) the $WHALE-Whales program was announced; in which anyone that can verify they're HODL'ing 500 or more $WHALE tokens is entitled to a "members only" channel in the community discord, which enables $WHALE-Whales to have what we'll call insider-knowledge and VIP access to the inner-workings of Whaleshark, $WHALE, the assets chosen for the Vault, etc.
    At the time that the program was announced, $WHALE was valued at approximately $0.28 USD. With the $WHALE-Whales program, liquidity mining, NFT Mining, and several other recent incentives being created and perfected, the value has skyrocketed, with 1 $WHALE worth $10.94 at the time of this writing.

    Again, I'll post links and let you do your own research, but will mention a couple other programs/initiatives that are definitely noteworthy.(without explaining in detail, as the blog and website documentation are sure to do a better job of providing details.)

    - Frequent contests with $WHALE rewards.
    - Weekly poker games that are free to join with winners earning payouts.
    - $WHALE Grants: monthly distribution of $WHALE to projects/people who are working to improve/promote/advance the NFT space
    - Whale FM : live stream interviews and AMA's with prominent names in the NFT / crypto space.

    For more detailed or in-depth information:
    - The $WHALE Website
    - Community Discord
    - Whaleshark's Blog
    - CoinGecko Market Data
    - The Vault

    [I'm not a financial advisor, or an investment specialist. I'm barely even an investor imho, I'm an artist and a writer who happens to make some good decisions during my journey down the crypto rabbit-hole.]

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