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3 years ago

Monthly NFT Art

  • Goose Gang cardholders will be entitled to 13 (now 12) total art NFT airdrops, delivered directly to the wallets that contain the tokens. 6 have already been sold, and due to the popularity of a recent event, as well as the growing number of projects I find myself involved with, I've decided to extend the offer of membership for Goose Gang to the end of July.

    Other bonuses for HODL'ers include:

  • Members only discord channel

  • early-access to view my art / hear my music

  • insider look into my creative process

  • bragging rights as a member of the first ever monthly NFT 'crate'

  • shout-out on all my social media

  • recognition as a Goose Gang HODL'er on my personal website

  • monthly airdrops of my social currency ($FTHR)

    More info can be found in this article, and if you'd like to buy one of these very limited membership NFT's you can find them in my OpenSea storefront at this link.

If the linked items are sold out if/when you try to purchase one, feel free to contact me via Twitter, Discord, UpTrennd, or Telegram. (The group links here are also great places to meet other crypto-artists and find more art!)

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