Web Novel I am the kaiser, prt 2

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Dunquerke repeats.

Buzz, buzz. Shots.

Sergeant Ritter Volker, decorated by the Kaiser himself, is lying in the trench while bullets and explosions sound like his to the nethers, he asks to advance but his man ignores him.

At first glance he seems the perfect Aryan, white skin, slim and athletic physique, colored eyes, and why is a sergeant promoted by the kaiser himself ignored?, for his only two flaws, his tin black hair which is an Afrikans, a descendant of colonial soldiers in africa.

Cursing his fate, the Ritter Volker, why did it have to be him, why? He thinks bitterly, if the kaiser needs a scapegoat for accusations of crimes against African soldiers, because he had to touch me. damning.

The kaiser promoted mestizo officers to silence criticism of racist policies, they say on the streets, and the sergeant grows more and more bitter under the barrage of fire and bullets.

A loud hum, a mortar explodes just above Ritter, a shower of metal and fire stuns him...

It burns, his arm burns, the metal splinters are all over his arm.

Aaa damn because I, if I occupied cannon fodder for his stupid political campaigns, to hell. AaAA.

With a bloody arm and his submachine gun, he stands up and looks at his platoon:

"I don't care about politics or Nazi ideas, I just know that I fight for honor and justice for Germany, I love my country and I live, not for idiotic parties with idiotic ideas."

Leaving the trench, he heads towards the river, the bridge is destroyed, and in front of him, the enemy trenches.

Running he thinks that, yes, he is already dead, if it is certain death, they no longer have grenades, and the promised panzers and fighters are nowhere to be seen.

Ritter: Well that's how I'll die, running to my execution in a river.

He reaches the edge of the river and launches himself full of mud and mud, fires a burst, runs out of ammunition, "damn sub-machine guns, he has no damn ammunition", desperately tries to get another magazine out of his pockets.

Two shots knock down the Frankish soldier in front of him.

Touching him on the shoulder, one of the men in the platoon says “sorry Sergeant Rutter, you are a true German patriot, forgive us”.

The entire platoon arrives with him and they jump into the river to take the bridge.

Command center, last days of the battle for France.

(Radio Sound)

(Radio)… we need help, they destroyed our pipes.

(Radio).. This is Stuka Squad 3. Failed bombing. Flak.

(Radio) .. We can't take the bridge. Where the Panzars are, I repeat, we cannot take the bridge.

Sitting down I listen to the radios in the barracks, with my hand over my mouth, and with clear concern and sweat on my forehead.

Kaiser, do we see stop?

No, we must destroy the allied expeditionary force, if we capture them the English will be left without a ground army. It is our opportunity.

But Kaiser, our men are exhausted and we've already lost 15 fuel tankers, our armored divisions are out of fuel!

* my kaiser, the British began their evacuation in Dunkirk more than 2 weeks ago.

-That? More than two weeks (that means they're in retreat before I got here, or traveled back in time, or whatever happened).

*those sea rats are cowards they abandon their allies, they are despicable.

-We can't let them escape (no, no, the same story repeats itself).

* We can't follow my kaiser, if we can resupply, the luffwafe will take care of it.

I extend my hand towards the radio.

(radio)… Where is the luffwafen, for hell…

I start to turn off the radio slowly.. (radio).. Central, you hear me, .. we have no support .. .. Damn… where…

I turn off the radio, and turn to the generals... Thank you gentlemen, but the meeting is over for today...

* My kaiser in three days at the conference with the French high command to negotiate peace, the wagon he requested for the negotiations is ready.

Kaiser: thank you, you can withdraw

Later in the kaiser's office behind closed doors.

AA can't be, damn it, does history repeat itself? It doesn't matter what I do?

Is that like the paradox of the grandmother in the time machine? Or are there different lines like in the Delorean movie? Why? ..

It can't be, but if I just changed the story? Save thousands of men, should that count as change or not? Or will they die just the same? No no, it must be possible to change.

AAA my head hurts just thinking about it.


The meeting of shadows.

Somewhere in the world. In a room lit only by candles, around a round table with 12 chairs, there are 12 people, with masks and robes that cover their faces.

Unknown1 Our puppet seems to be doing well.

Unknown2- If everything goes according to the plan of the order.

Unknown3- Hmm

Unknown4- The war proceeds as planned, soon our spies will occupy the main positions in the USSR, England and the United States.

Unknown3,- It seems to me that our puppet the kaiser changed his mind at the last minute.

Unknown1-? what are you talking about, there is nothing strange, it is just the success that goes to his head, nothing has changed.

Unknown3- Mm

Everyone: Everything always happens as planned...

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