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Welcome to the first draft of the light novel, " Ho No, i am, the kaiser", historical fantasy and comedy, a whole Isekai, I hope you like it.

Reborn like villain

Blind (black screen).

My kaiser, my kaiser, I'm sorry to wake you up my kaiser, but the attack has already started, the army is attacking the city, it won't take long to fall, the city is ours, the attack was a total success!

"Ummm? What ? what did he say??

I woke up in a strange room, I saw a man dressed in a military uniform, who is this man?, maybe my mind goes blank for about 10 min. Everyone looked at me as if he were a strange animal, at that moment I took a mirror…. WHAAAT¡¡ THIS IS A NIGHTMARE...

*Yes, I have died, and now I have been reborn as a Villain.

Welcome history fans.

Have you ever wondered if you could travel in time? How would you change the story? Would you?

Or more interestingly, if you possessed the body of a historical figure!Wouldn't that be more fun?


The first day I was totally in shock, full of questions, why? Because I? It's a prank? Is a dream a nightmare?, going around in a circle, like a madman out of the madhouse, with so many questions and doubts.

And why didn't I go crazy that day?!?Why?

History is one of the things I love, and I thought

“why not? Change history?”

The office.

Inside the office everything looks so ancient and old, on the right is a bookcase, it looks like a library, in the center is a desk, made of very nice wood, dark brown, on the left is the paper bin, everything it looks very old.

No, all this is new, it is natural for me that it looks old, but they are new things, this is not my time, since I am from the future!

(I sat in the chair in front of the desk)

Now he thinks, “how to win the war?”.

Bringing her hands to her head and holding her tightly, a silent cry went out “Amm arr”.

Aauff, ok ok, calm down, aa uff (sigh).

The French are defeated, and now I can't stop the war, even if I try, maybe the Nazis will kill me, oh god what do I do.

How to win the war? Now there are many problems, resources, money, logistics, oil, hell! oil, steel, zinc, minerals and even more importantly, Italy is more of a problem than an ally, and the other problem is the insane Stalin, a man maniac for power, will attack yes or yes.

Knock... Knock. someone knocks on the door.

June 24, 1940.

Paris, the capital city, is now a "free city", the city has surrendered, thousands of people run scared, try to flee, scream and cry in despair.

German forces charge full speed to take paris, the war is over for France.

A tank on fire, dead bodies on the road, it is the cost of war, many French soldiers resist, but it is useless, they fight a battle already lost.

Looking at everything through the window, in the airplane, at an hour over Paris.

Woo I've never seen Paris before, it's very beautiful, and that's the Eiffel tower, great!

The Bermarch marches over Paris, passing through the Arc de Triomphe, in its victory parade, all very striking.

June 1940.

More than 1 million soldiers have surrendered, among them there are many “colonial” soldiers, France has one of the largest colonial empires, and many of its soldiers are from the African colonies, “African soldiers”.

My first chance to change (The first change).

{In July 1940, the Nazis killed many prisoners of war, in one of the greatest atrocities of racism, many of the victims were African colonial soldiers, troops from Algeria and Libya}

SS: my kaiser, here there are many animals among the prisoners, these sub-humans, give the order to purge the prisoners..

General1: What did you say? They are prisoners of war, they are not animals, there are international rules and regulations!

General2: Kaiser, stop this madness.

(This is my first act to change history, come on do it, change the history of the world.)

SS: They're just inferior races, you can't…

Kaiser: STOP! General1 is right, they are prisoners of war, we will respect international treaties, we are not savages as they say, Germany is superior to these barbarians.

H.H: ? MM.

Kaiser: In memory and for the honor of our own colonials in 1915, we will respect the treaties.

General2: Ho¡¡ it's true, the "Lion of Africa" was the commander of the colonial troops in Africa, maybe he knows about this.

SS: Arr.. (Furious).

(It's true! I remember, the "Lion of Africa", the undefeated general in the African campaign, fought alongside the colonial troops and is not a Nazi, perhaps with his help I can defeat the Nazis).

{Secret Story:In the great war, in the African campaign, General Paul-Von Lettow-Vorbeck commanded a guerrilla force in the African colonies, resisting without defeat until the end of the war.}

End of part 1/???, I will publish all the pages every week, I hope you like this amateur story.

love, kiss XOXO.

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