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Why don't you turn your web searches into an extra income?

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5 months ago

With the increasing digitization of our world, conceptions have demonstrably changed if not redefined to fit our needs and interests. The days of getting ready to commute between your home and workplace have really gone as you may have a home based offer that would turn around your life.

Working online has become possible for everyone having the right skills and techniques added to a connected cell phone or desktop. Surprisingly, you do not need to go to colleges and universities to get qualified as you have a pile of websites for learning a skill, get what! They are free.

Learning a new skill becomes affordable with Skillshare, Udemy, FutureLearn and plenty of others but what kind of a skill to land upon.

The displacement of our life towards the virtual world has hopefully created a huge number of potentials. Inserting data, writing articles, drawing, converting files, selling via e-stores, advertising, maintaining websites, micro-servicing are what you can provide to those rising companies.  All that you need is the right skill.

Apart from simple tasks as data entry, website designers, app developers, content writers, SEO optimizers, voiceover and video makers are in fact in urgent need.  It is true that they are a bit demanding to get qualified in these skills, but they are really enriching in the coming years.

Yet, there are some tasks that need not experiences at all. Crypto mining, staking, affiliate marketing and advertising are additional ventures to test. They can be rewarding mainly with the recent economic and geopolitical changes.

Have you ever imagined that you can earn money just through your daily searches on the Net. You can generate a small income from your daily research providing they should be real. How many researches are you conducting each day? How many questions and inquiries about different things are you daily looking for?

Imagine the data, links, word ads and issues like these. They are Google treasures. Now, it is possible to transform your Google search to another platform. You can turn these searches into money or crypto currencies. Each search you made would earn you 0.10 PRE, and you are able to make 30 searches per day. That’s equivalent to 3 PRE. It seems ridiculous to speak about these little earnings, but they can be enough after 1000 searches. More than that, you do need nothing to do except turning your routine into a money making task.    


You may find some external links on this article and that’s part of my relationship with Presearch. Actually, I turned all my web searches to this platform, and I am earning some crypto. You clicks will be at no costs, and in fact, they will only help to earn some as I do.


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Written by   6
5 months ago
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I like to earn money through online. Hope all of us can do it.

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5 months ago

This is so informative. There's no bad about earning online, in fact, most people wanted to have this as another way to have finances. And this content is a great help. Thank you for this. I just want to try this. Nice to meet you. 😊

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5 months ago