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Indoor plants

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2 months ago

Because of this quarantine more and more people are trying out some hobbies or things that they can do as home. One of this is buying an indoor plant.

This thing can clean the air inside our house by absorbijg toxins from it. This little plants are also very good for adding some design to your home.

It can relieve your stress if you will take care of it by watering it every 2-4 days. Yes 2-days because this plant:s doesn't need to be watered very often. If you notice dry soil you can water it up.

This plant's are also budget friendly. You can buy them in the stores that you will find near your place. So what are you waiting for? Start taking care of this during quarantine to do something beneficial to your mental health.

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I adore flowers, whether they are garden or home .... I take a lot of care of it..Flowers ennoble the soul, beautify the environment .... It requires only a little care to show all the splendor.

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2 months ago

I definitely agree with you. They are very beautiful but also very beneficial to our being a human.

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2 months ago