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Does cigarettes needs to be ban worldwide?

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2 months ago

All of you knows that cigarette can kill its smokers. Many people gets lung diseases and other complications in their health. But why is our government doesn't ban it completely when it do nothing beneficial to its consumers?

  • It can cause heart attack

  • Stroke

  • It can damage your lungs

So why this thing still in here despite of its negative influence to the world. Its simple,money from cigarette industry is so big. The government gets billions of revenue due to its tax from cigarettes.

For you,do you think it should be ban when it helps our country's economy grow?

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For me it is a BIG YES 1 cigarettes should be ban worldwide because as their label in their packs it is causing some disease that in the end could kill the lives of a smoker and also the 2nd hand smoker that do not smoke but breathe the smokes from their cigarettes.

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2 months ago

That's true,even us who doesn't smoke are affected. Everyone has a opinion i respect yours. Thank you

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2 months ago