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Update On My Birthday

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3 months ago

This is my saddest B-Day... :(

A Few cents please maybe?

November 3rd was my birthday.
My parents don't do birthdays because of their religion. & I got no presents from my other friends or family either.

I guess they're just all too broke like me lol....

The next day I went onto every social media that I'm a part of
telling everyone it had been my birthday the day before.

I added my BCH address so that they could send me some BCH.
cuz I told them all I wanted for my b-day was a little bit of BCH.

ONE guy on sent me 2 cents worth of bch the next day!!

Today I got less than 1 cent's worth of BCH also on memo...

I posted on Facebook on 2 different accounts and in multiple groups, Twitter,,, and another site where I play poker for mbch, & I got NOTHING else!


So less than $0.03 worth of BCH. No other presents of any other sort.

So NOW I am REALLY venting!!

It's been three days since my birthday. I have less than $0.03 worth of BCH.


So this is my very last attempt.... :)


-- Here's my husband's cashapp tag--

-- Here's my BCH address--

-- Here's my BTC address--

REALLY. Literally anything at all would and will be VERY appreciated!

& make me feel better about the world.

Thanks :)

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Written by   37
3 months ago
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