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Klaus Schwab "Suffering For Ordinary People"

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2 months ago

Klaus Schwab is one of the global elites is trying to reshape the structure of our world. (N.W.O.) Below is a video of his latest speech the most recent G20 meeting In Indonesia....

Klaus Schwab admits that his plan will likely include suffering for ordinary people.

He's the same one that famously said....

"You will own nothing, and you will be happy."

His speech may be hard to understand But I stretch it that way on purpose So that has ordinary people won't understand what they're really doing.

Above, in the middle of the video this Youtuber talks about it a bit more.....

Basically they want to restructure the global economy. In Klaus Schwab's own words... "Militarize the global economy"

That sounds terrible to me but I don't know about you. It's all about control, less freedom for us 'ordinary' people. More power for our governments and the elites that have been controlling them lately. And we have all seen the results of that I haven't we?

I don't know the full details of his plans but I know I don't like it lol. Anybody that tries to claim that I will 'own nothing and be happy' needs to be living in a psycho ward in my own opinion lol.

So what are your thoughts on all of this? Thanks for reading... :)

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Written by   37
2 months ago
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