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HOPE- Arizona Election Not Certified Getting Justice

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2 months ago

Due to things like the ones listed below, Arizona is working on finding justice for their voters after the worst election issues in Arizona history....

  • Printer problems

  • Tabulation errors

  • 27 days before the election, voting ballots were mailed out.

  • It's 13 days after the election, and Maricopa County is still counting ballots.

  • People had to stand in line for 3 hours or longer to vote.

  • Election officials gave confusing instructions.

  • Half of the voting centers didn't open until the day of election.

  • Those same voting centers were in areas that were known pro Republican & were either non-operational or had significant failures.

It's obvious from the types of issues listed above, that they were aggressively suppressing the voters that wanted to vote in person.

The Attorney General is rightfully demanding answers from Maricopa County for their gross incompetence in their handling of the midterm election.

Tens of thousands of citizens have reached out to Republican Kari Lake and asked her not to concede. It's just so obvious that this election was horribly mismanaged to a fundamental degree. Meaning that the results would not be accurate. Unfairly and overwhelmingly benefiting her Democrat opponent. Whether this was done intentionally or on accident is irrelevant.

The People deserve to have their votes matter.


Fortunately though unlike the obviously unfair Presidential election of 2020, it appears this one will be thoroughly and fairly investigated. Finding a way to bring justice to the voters of Arizona.

Every legit vote should be counted & the ones that are illegitimate should not be....

  • Republican Kari Lake has not conceded.

  • Many attorneys are working diligently to gather information & all of the evidence that they can.

  • Multiple whistleblowers have already come forward.

  • More whistleblowers are coming forward after seeing others do it. Feeling it's now 'safe' to do so.

Below is a video that you can watch for this story....

I think I like writing articles that are more positive. Or at least express some hope for the future & fixing the problem... :)

Thanks again for reading my article and please share with your loved ones.

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Written by   37
2 months ago
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