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FBI Aggressively Raided Innocent UFO Researcher W.O. Saying Why

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2 months ago

Joerg Arnu Is a UFO researcher that is actually pro government. He moved to America from another country because he really loves America. He is what we call a naturalized citizen. 3 years ago, when a bunch of people wanted to raid area 51, he even ran a campaign discouraging people from doing so. Because he actually respected the government's right to have some things hidden for reasons of National Security. A.K.A. 'classified stuff'.

Yet in the video below you will find the more detailed story talking about how this poor innocence man had two of his homes raided in Nevada. & had a lot of his things taken without much of an explanation.....

They took his medical records, computers, laptops cell phones, cameras, and his drone amongst other things. They broke his front door on one of his homes where his girlfriend was staying in Las Vegas Navada. THEN they held her at gunpoint. Then made her wait out in the street while they searched. She was barefoot in front of all of her neighbors while they searched for hours!

The really scary part is, he didn't even do anything wrong!

He has a website called that is dedicated to everything related to area 51 and UFOs.

(Area 51 is also known as 'Dreamland'. That is why his website is named that way.)

But unlike some of UFO researchers, he actually has respect for the government's need to keep some things classified. He's very careful on his website not to show anything like images that he thinks might be classified!

But here's the part that helps me realize that we aren't actually living in a 'Free Country' anymore. That's just all an illusion.

They provided a 40-page Federal Search Warrant where they only let him see 10 pages of. None of those pages explained what they were looking for even. & no mentions of any laws that he might have broken.

While most of the agents were aggressive, borderline violent, & mean. One agent was halfway decent enough to hint at the fact that there may have been some classified images on his website. But then wouldn't even allude to which ones they may have been.

He has since removed anything from his website that he thinks may have offended anybody in the government or that could possibly be classified.

Since they took so many of his important possessions; like medical records & cell phones etc; he has had to hire an attorney to try and fight to get those possessions back from the Federal Government and then possibly find out why they did this to him.

This once pro government patriotic man has reluctantly come to the conclusion that obviously they are trying to send a message to all UFO researchers.

& just like the injustices done to Julian Assange, people no longer have the right to report on anything that they find that they think might be important to the rest of the American people.

The truth can no longer be freely spread amongst us Americans. At least not safely or without obvious abuse from our government.

Our 'Founding Fathers' warned against this.

They structured this government specifically to protect us against from this type of tyranny.

Because they knew that ALL governments were destined to become corrupt eventually because power ultimately corrupts. It is simply the nature of governments and humans in power. Yet because government is also necessary, they made it to where we could also fix it when this does happen!

Which means that we aren't doing our part that they I clearly said entrusted us to do as 'We The People'!!

Now it is our right and duty to correct are obviously corrupt government. It has been long overdue....

It's that time people, come on. This is one of thousands of stories that are examples of how our government has gone awry! Let's do this people, come on wake up. It's actually our duty to correct government when it becomes this way!

Back in our 'Forefather's' day, Millitias were actually needed and considered necessary even.

& I am sick and tired people calling us this is a 'Democracy'! Because it's not!

**It's a Republic!**

And yes, there's a HUGE difference....

Everyone should educate themselves about this by looking it up in Google at least.

Thanks for reading & please share this with your loved ones... :)

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Written by   37
2 months ago
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Do you believe in UFO Bre? Are these gadgets we use came from them or they are also creatures discovering many things about the Universes...

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2 months ago

I definitely do believe because I've talked to them myself.

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User's avatar Bre
2 months ago