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Earn On Websites? Try To Be Understanding. They're Hurting!

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4 months ago

Unless your employer is as big as Amazon or Youtube ect., EVERYONE is hurting right now. Even companies and businesses that you might think are big enough to afford what they've always paid you. I think you'd be surprised to know just how much they are worried about staying afloat. Even ones that have 100s of millions of dollars, if they aren't struggling already then they are about to be!

I've seen a lot of complaining about the crypto communities getting paid a lot less or not at all. I've even been one of those people complaining!

But there have been so many things hurting economies worldwide and a lot of times these crypto websites especially don't want to admit that they have been taking a major hit. So they either are nowhere to be found or they come up with excuses or bogus reasons for their shortcomings.

2 years of global financial disasters where only companies as big as Walmart are thriving has hurt most. But with what is happening NOW, it's about to get A LOT worse really quickly.

** We really SHOULD prop these sites up as much as we can. Unless you would rather watch them go completely out of business and in that case this article is not for you.... **

Crypto is still WAY better than fiat currency!!

So all of this worry about cryptos and or bitcoin collapsing or not being worth nearly as much is about to become irrelevant. The fiat system might as well be about to be flushed down the toilet soon.

Cryptos will be the phoenix birds that arise prosperous out of the ashes of the coming disasters!!

I know most of us are struggling to feed our families. I'm one of those people....

But if WE can't help these communities stay afloat through these upcoming hard times, then they can't be here for us at all in the future!!

So AT LEAST practice some more patience and understanding when it comes to them not paying you what you know you deserve. Because HARDLY ANYONE is actually getting as much as they deserve in these current disasters.

Thanks for reading and may God bless us all :)

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Written by   37
4 months ago
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