The TallyHoWallet Airdrop - Fact or Fiction?

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2 years ago

In the previous #TallyHoWallet post it was about my journey down the rabbit hole.

Is #TallyHoWallet The MetaMask Killer?

I was in bed scrolling through the blog and came across this 

Were Tally Ho planning their own vampire attack on MetaMask? Where they suck the life blood out of MetaMask. What better incentives than an airdrop.

Fact Or Fiction?

As I mentioned we missed out on the FORTH airdrop, as we kept our AMPL on Publish0x. We did get a small amount on Coinbase Earn which I assume we must have had some AMPL there at some stage.

So after posting my entry in the Publish0x writing competition and Twitter Giveaway. It was time to do some proper DYOR.



The Community Wide Merkledrop


Definitely Fact.

They may have to find another ticker cause $DOGGO is already taken.

Time to get busy with more research and get us some juicy airdrop.

Maybe there will be another update if there is something worth sharing.


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2 years ago


are you going to get some juicy $DOGGO airdrop?

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2 years ago