The Haters And The Crown Prince Of Crypto

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2 years ago

It is the weekend and I am not in a rush to go any where. So my 1st port of call after the bathroom is the couch. Lying there I get to watch the world wake up through the lounge window and check in to my online world.

Sitting there on the phone was a Twitter notification from @VitalikButerin. He is one of the OG's I follow on Twitter and rarely does one of his tweets grace my notifications. This is what I found.

The Haters And Their Quote Tweets

Now like most things on Twitter things are not as they seem. It took a good part of the morning to get to the bottom of things, as I got caught in the crazy quote tweets.





Wait there is more





Tom Brady???

OK, who da FCK is this dude Tom Brady?

I asked the question on and got no reply. But that could just be because I was not posting a pic of my crypto-breakfast.

No cheating please. No Duck Duck Go answers accepted.

Does any one actually know this guy? Just bi-curious.


The magazine that is.

Vitalik Buterin on the cover of Time Magazine.


And the haters were replying to @TIME with their Quote Tweets.   Out of the goodness of his heart Vitalik Buterin decided to share the awesome with us.  

Personal Favourite

It is a tie between these two pieces of awesome.




Lambo NFT is from The 8 collection by @Lushsux curated by 888


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