Scam Alert - Not Another Bl00die One Or Are People Just FKN STupId

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1 year ago

When I first started blogging I used to enjoy bringing to people's attention the latest scam. The idea was to warn people to be careful. I always thought I was doing a community service. After reading @I-HODL latest post that appears not to be the case. D'oh!!!!

SudoRare Scam - Gullible Investors Miss The Writing On The Wall

Stellar Development Foundation

It had been a hard work day, physically draining, pruning fruit trees. Lots of upper body work out, using the large loppers to cut branches. So didn't feel like going home and making dinner. Called into our local Il Locale Pizzeria Scarborough  joint for my favourite Tropical. 

Time to catch up on my phone, munching on.....more junk mail from the Stellar Development Foundation. 

In the early days I used to subscribe to all the projects email lists and Stellar Development Foundation was one of them.

A quick squizz before sending to the delete folder.

Are People Really That Stupid?

According to @I-HODL the answer is a resounding YES.

Wile I was munching on the Tropical, I did a micro-post on noise

Then when I got home I fired up the laptop, did my faucets, that was when I read the @I-HODL post. 

Some People Are Just Born To Be Some One Else's Exit Liquidity

The longer I stay in the CryptoVerse the more cynical I am becoming. So I suppose that I really should be humbly grateful to those who will eventually be our Exit Liquidity. 🤞   🙏

Do you know why I put Scam Alert in the title, because if I didn't then some knucklehead would think this is real.


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1 year ago


I really hate those person, who steals someone's Id (identity), instead stealing they could earn their name or position. Thanks for the scam alert and informative post.

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1 year ago

I don't hate them, even scammers gotta make a living. It reminds me of a scene in a Tom Hanks movie "Captain Phillips", when he is talking to the Head Pirate. He came from Ethiopia and being a pirate was about the only job going. He had a dream to one day go to America. Turns out the navy seals did not blow his brains out and he got to go to America, to spend the rest of his life locked up in a cell.

I do not have much time for stupid people who fall this shit.

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1 year ago


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