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Publish0x Scores 10/10 - Acts Quickly Deleting Spam Comments

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8 months ago

Once again Publish0x scores a 10 out 10 in dealing with spam on their platform

Last night I posted about the Peer to Beer Energy Trading Initiative that Power Ledger and Carlton & United Brewery have launched in the Australian eastern states.

Spam Disappears Without a Trace

Always like to check the post for any comments as I like to respond. It is polite and good practice to encouragement engagement with your posts.

This morning there was no comments showing on the post. 

But wait I had received a notification from Publish0x

Not Completely With Out A Trace

Doing a search for pigele4480 under user I find

It came up with a page of exactly the same comments all made on 24th May. 

I have not included pigele4480 referral link for security reasons.

But if you really want to try your luck and earn 11000 dollars a month. You know where to go.

Publish0x You Really Are The Best.

Previously a spam comment would have still shown up as deleted. Either by the author or Pb0x. 

Now it just disappears from view.

So if you were wondering why there is so little spam and fraud on @Publish0x. The caped crusaders from Publish0x are constantly fighting spam and fraud in the shadows

The End

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Written by   30
8 months ago
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