£10 in FREE bitcoin 🔥 For You And Your Normie

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1 year ago

Yes you read it correctly. £10 in FREE bitcoin 🔥 for you and your Normie.

But wait. There’s more!

Included in this promo deal you both get FREE tickets to Silverstone on 16th October.

Batteries are not included

Whats The Catch?

Bring a Normie to the BitcoinRacing's Bitcoin meet-up race at Silverstone and they will give you both £10 in FREE Bitcoin. 

Thats it.


Sign up for

  • VIP guests

  • Guest speakers

  • sim racing

  • Orange pilling

  • Pupusas

Free tickets


Who And What Are BitcoinRacing?

Believe it or not this is not my 1st BitcoinRacing post

Bitcoin On Speed And The El Salvador Connection 

Mandatory Repping

If you're going to Silverstone on the 16th with your Normie friend, its mandatory to be repping the Bitcoin logo

If you have your own Bitcoin drip then you're all good but if you need something they got you


The black t-shirt (or hoodie) with the El Salvador flag next to the BitcoinRacing logo is my favourite. Hopefully they have it in XL (and one that would fit a 4 year old who has his own Ledger Nano). 

or there is Six and Lemon



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Do you live near Bedford?

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1 year ago

This is quite close to me but I will be abroad on the day :(

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1 year ago