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My Favourite Authors - After 10 Months On Publish0x

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10 months ago

I have been posting on Publish0x for 10 months now. And I felt it is time to start the weeding out the Authors You Follow list. Currently I am following 63 authors. I would like to get it down to only following 40 or less authors.

I know how people on Publish0x like to collect followers, as if it is a status symbol or a measure of their literary calibre. Sorry but I just don't like clutter, it is time to swipe left. Out with the old and in with the new so to speak.

What Type Of Publish0x Posts Annoy Da Fck Out Of Me

  • short posts that tell you very little but redirect you to watch a video. I am on Publish0x to read.

  • short posts that redirect to another platform or site to read the article. Same as above.

  • people who use the comments to solicit followers. "Liked, tipped and following. Check out my posts" No, try spending some time to write something worth reading and then I might follow you.

  • posts with titles like "Bitcoin Price Evolution Analysis 04.12.2020" , nah don't want to know if BTC may go up or it may go down next week.

  • rehash or cut and paste of the latest crypto news, especially when 15 other people have posted the same news.

  • posts that are basically asking the reader "why is this happening", in other words they want some one else to do all the research. Instead putting the effort themselves. Lazy, lazy, lazy.....DYOR then tell us about it. I was thinking of @Oxguilt in particular but luckily they are no longer on Publish0x. 

  • posting multiply posts every day, like clockwork. 

What Are The Qualities I Look For In Publish0x Posts

  • thought provoking and challenging

  • reality check

  • humorous

  • some effort has gone in to the post.

  • subject matter off the beaten track, not covered by others. In other words a little bit of originality please.

  • they have done their own research, crunched a few numbers....

  • a good title, a sign some thought has gone into it, good chance they also put some effort into the post.

  • I have a soft spot for the under dog, especially the Sth American under dog. So if you are new to Publish0x and are obviously trying. Or from the other side of the world and the tips could make a difference. I will give you the benefit of the doubt for a while. 

Authors You Follow

Even if I can weed the Authors You Follow list down to the 40ish authors. There will always be a few who are your go to authors. These are the authors who I eagerly consume their new posts. 

This is not the first time I have curated a Favourite Authors post. But it is worth noting that none of the original Authors have made it to My Top 5 list this time round.

  • authors struggled with the Publish0x platform and have moved onto other platforms to greater success

  • my tastes have changed

  • greater variety of choice, more authors, more styles, more subjects

My Favourite Authors - After 3 Months on Publish0x         published May 02, 2020

My 3 Favourite Publish0x Authors              republished May 19, 2020 in the Publish0x writing competition celebrating 100K registered accounts

My Top 5

# 5


  • Joined September 2020

  • 556 followers, following 0

  • BIO: The next level.

  • BLOG: cryptoinvesting. Crypto

The post that got my attention was full of anger and passion, not necessarily in that order.

Coinbase is Why You Shitbertarians Won"t Win

While I don't normally read about Coinbase, this title got my attention.

The  👍   are winning by 8. I have never seen so many  👎  . There is 17 separate comment threads. The post seemed to rattle a few cages, struck a  raw nerve or two, offended some people.....

I have always liked sitting in a cafe, with a coffee and chocolate cake, reading the Letters to the Editor in the local rag, watching the world pass by....So this post was always going be to funn to me. 

It intrigues me how when people get angry etc they drop their socially fabricated persona and show their real self. They resort to their default settings (i.e. the animal/base instincts).

@AlucardLife didn't muck around and opened with:

How about that for an opener. Ticks the provoking and challenging box  ✔️✔️

I have only been following @AlucardLife since November 30. @AlucardLife ticks most of the boxes with spades. But I can imagine the novelty aspect will start to wear thin after a while. But in the mean time I am thoroughly enjoying the posts. There has been 14 articles posted since November 30, that is about 3 day. May be at that rate @AlucardLife will just run out of anger.

# 4


  • Joined March 2019

  • 1025 followers, following 4

  • BIO: A Bitcoin & Crypto enthusiast also a crypto content independent writer!

  • BLOG: Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser| Blockchain.  All topics related to Crypto, Blockchain tools, Cryptocurrency in the world and specially in Africa [the cradle of humanity] becoming crypto catalyst.

Ticks the underdog box as @alberdion8406 as is from the cradle of civilisation. ✔️   

What cryptocurrency means in Africa

Also ticks the reality check box ✔️  , as I like to try and understand how other people live, breath crypto. In the African and Sth American continents crypto is more relevant and seems to being used for it's intended use. Not just a speculative investment as in Perth WA and the West in general. We have yet to reach our defining moment.

First meet on when I was in my Brave/BAT phase. And would read anything and everything I could consume.

@alberdion8406 also writes about crypto scams. Another one of my pet subjects. ✔️  Apparently the scams are very prevalent in Africa, therefore the subject matter is given an African flavour by @alberdion8406 .

I have always had a morbid fascination with Snake Oil Salesman & their sales pitch; Bitconnect, USI-Tech in particular as they were the early pioneers and set the stage for all the rest to follow.

@alberdion8406 is a big fan of Bitcoin Cash, don't always agree with some of his views on Bitcoin Cash, but @alberdion8406 is open to discussion and doesn't take it personally. ✔️  

# 3

@Allen Walters

  • Joined March 2019

  • 1140 followers, following 3

  • BIO: Fascinated by blockchain and future proofing cryptocurrency. Discover the tech before it gets relevant.

  • BLOG: Publish0x posts. Posting my opinion and feedback on Publish0x here.

  • Twitter:  @IgnoranceIt

@Allen Walters ticks two of the boxes. Puts some effort into the posts ✔️  , well researched and presented so the technological illiterate can get a better understanding. A lot of @Allen Walters posts are about the Tezos project, which is not a popular subject on Publish0x. ✔️✔️   

Every other post seems to be about:

  • charts and analysis - boring as bat shit

  • DeFi - sorry reminds me too much of the hype surrounding BitConnect, will wait till the charlatans have moved on to greener pastures and DeFi has matured some what

  • blah blah blah

I like the Tezos Project because it reminds me of one of the more famous Warren Buffet quotes:

  • we are very happy to keep accumulating at these prices, while the market is distracted chasing by moon beams and rainbows

  • Tezos is what I call infrastructure, in a gold rush sell the punters their shovels and picks

  • Tezos has good chance it will be in the 1% of projects that survive the next decade

  • like the way Tezos do their staking, as opposed to the Cosmos version, given that I am not convinced that staking is necessarily a plus. 

  • thanks to @Allen Walters for keeping me up to date with all the developments, partnerships etc. And there is a steady stream of them.

The last upgrade on Tezos decreased transaction fees: 3,215 transactions on Tezos now cost the same as 1 transaction on Ethereum

Ethereum's accidental hard fork: how Tezos' on-chain governance protocol prevents this from happening on Tezos

# 2


  • Joined February 2020

  • 1384 followers, following 37

  • BIO: Self-Published Author, Football Referee, Football Coach, Early Crypto Investor, Personal Trainer, Well-Being Guru, Open-Minded, Traveller, Social Media Enthusiast, and many more...

  • BLOG: Mind Puzzle. Think! ... it's still free! An amalgam of cryptocurrency, science, arts, news and other manifestations of human intellectual will be published on this blog. Sometimes I will add my personal opinions or midnight revelations.

  • Twitter: @SaduOne

Definitely ticks the humour box✔️✔️✔️✔️ . Well at least I see the (sometimes hidden) humour.

Add to that he does a lot of his own art work. Creates NFT's.

How to manage NFT's with the Metamask mobile app

Thanks to @PVMihalache  I am up to speed with NFT's and now know what a meme is:

✔️✔️ for effort and originality

Does write a lot about DeFi, I don't always understand the details but I need to keep abreast of what is happening. Happy to overlook and forgive the subject matter, as it is always entertaining and enjoyable. 

# 1


@tvlachak ticks the box for effort ✔️✔️✔️✔️  . I know from my own posts, it is very time consuming adding links, inserting images. Then there is all that research to gather all that information in one place.

It usually takes at least two visits as there is just so much information for a 1 minute post. Plus Publish0x allow 2 tips per post, down from the previous 3 tips. Try to remember to make it the first tip of the day. But that is not always possible as @tvlachak lives in Chicago and we live in Perth Western Australia. 

@tvlachak has developed a very tight group of loyal followers on Publish0x, you could almost call it a cult following. As others also like to make TWS the first port of call to start their day.

I enjoy the banter in the comments. This is where the humour sometime surfaces ✔️✔️

I learn something new and useful every week. Not just crypto related. TWS  has only recently added a cryptocurrency section. 

@tvlachak is kinda a big deal on twitter with 2606 followers. I did learn on one of TWS issues how to build your twitter following. Seems it is relatively easy to fake it to you make it. But I doubt this is the case with TWS, too much effort goes into the lifestyle newsletter. 

The Weekly Summary - Personal Finance Edition {Issue 34.1}

TWS editions include:

  • Investing

  • Entrepreurship

  • Learning

  • Personal Finance

  • Cryptocurrency

As well as the above editions of The Weekly Summary on Publish0x, @tvlachak also does the

Weekly Stash Portfolio Update and Reminder

Now before you get all excited they I did, The Stash Stock Parties are only available to investors in the United States. Every week give away free fractional shares . You have 30 minutes to claim your free fractional shares.

If you reside in the good ole US of A, then by using Tony's referral link, you both get $20 of stock rewards.

some of the free fractional shares Tony has claimed since March 2020:

  • $0.76        Caterpillar  CAT

  • $0.49        Amazon      AMZN

  • $0.24        Netflix         NFLX

  • $0.24        Telsa           TSLA

  • $0.24        Apple          AAPL

  • $0.45        Starbucks   SBUX

If I lived in the good ole US of A this would be a no brainer. But alas I can only drool with envy.

The End

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Written by   26
10 months ago
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One thing that does not matter is the number of followers, some people love words, others prefer videos and other voice.

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10 months ago

definitely prefer the written word for absorbing ideas

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10 months ago

I only know two which is PVMihalache and alberdioni8406 because they are here too and I also follow them, they are really good. I wish you include @MoreGainStrageis too 😆 He also write good here and in Publish0x..

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10 months ago

Thank you very much for mentioning me. 😊✌️

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10 months ago

Welcome 😊 I believe in you a lot 😆

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10 months ago

I appreciate that. 😊

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10 months ago

@MoreGainStrategies is on my author follow list on publish0x. But having to pick 5 out 60. Some one has to miss out.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

That makes sense. Thank you for following me. 😊✌️

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10 months ago

Oh well, I agree with that 😊

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10 months ago

I was about to write that you didn't have any underdog in your top 5. But then I saw my friend @tvlachak mentioned and it was all good. 😊👍

I'm also glad to see my friend @PVMihalache in second place. By the way, you spelled his handle @MVMihalache.

If you're looking for another underdog, you can have a look at my articles. They are very much off the beaten path. 😁

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Updated. Hopefully @PVMiihalache doesn't read the comments.

@tvlachak was not entered in the underdog category, though he could be considered.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

With less than 100 followers, I would say that he can still be considered an underdog. He definitely does not get the recognition he deserves. I tried twice to get him to blog here, too. I'm sure he would do really well. 😊

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10 months ago

Great to see Rusty paying quality content. Thanks for the kind words !

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Funny thing is it is two shitty faucet pump articles that Rusty keeps tipping. I empty the wallet 2-3 times a day, in case they want it back.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Haha, that's crazy. You got more than $20 for those two together. 😂 And then so many of your articles didn't receive any tips. 🙈

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10 months ago

as my ole granpappy used to say "don't look a gift horse in the mouth"

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10 months ago

Welcome to @Bragato18 I hope you found some great authors here👌

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10 months ago