Is Tally Ho The MetaMask Killer?

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1 year ago

The last and only time I entered one of the famed @Publish0x Writing Competitions, was way back in June 2020.

Atomic Wallet - Do We Really Need Another Wallet

The post was fun to write, as at the time Atomic Wallet was being actively promoted by Publish0x and I was bi-curious. And there was the generous referral bonus where we both got $5 worth of AWC. So not only did I get 80 AWC from the writing competition but also got an extra $15 worth of AWC referral commission.

That little love affair did not last very long.

Atomic Wallet And The AWC Token - The Emperor Has No Clothes

But as you can see writing and reading about wallets is a popular subject.

Do We Really  Need Another Wallet?

While I may not enter the Writing Competitions regularly, I do like the Twitter Giveaways that go with it. And of course one needs to read the @igort post to check the rules of engagement. Very important if you want to qualify for the Twitter Giveaway.

It was while reading the competition rules in bed last night, that I ended up falling down the Rabbit Hole again. I ended up clicking on the link to the Tally Ho! site and scrolling through their blog. blog

Why We Didn't Fork MetaMask

Disclaimer - I really don't like using MetaMask, so the bi-curious juices started flowing when I saw this.

Written by Michael Haley and published Jun 13, 2022, same day @igort published his post.

  • copying 6 year old code would have been an easy option

  • Tally Ho was built from the bottom up

  • MetaMask ceased to be open source in August 2020 and began using their "tiered proprietary license”

  • Tally Ho uses the GPLv3 license and will remain open-source. Any forks of Tally Ho code must also be open-source.

A Ledger Integration You Can Love

Disclaimer - My biggest bug bear with MetaMask is trying to get it to sync with the Ledger Nano.

Published by Michael Haley March 23, 2022

  • MetaMask uses WebHID = connectivity issues

  • Tally Ho uses WebUSB to talk to your Ledger Nano

  • Chrome and Brave support was live then, with Firefox added since blog was published

A Decentralized Alternative To MetaMask

Disclaimer - I really have a huge dislike for disclaimers at the end or even worse at the beginning of a post. Especially the cringe "this is not financial advice but for entertainment purposes only" disclaimers. But who doesn't love cute puppies and cubs?

This one was posted by Michael Luongo March 9, 2022

Starts off by giving a brief introduction to vampire attacks. Then delves into decentralization.....

  • MetaMask -JPMorgan, Consensys and Mastercard? Who owns what? Who's pockets does the 100k+ in daily fees line?

  • Tally Ho - 100% open-source, community owned and available to every one

This is where the vampire attack becomes relevant with Tally Ho planning their own vampire attack. And I smell an airdrop in the making here folks. 

Then it was time to shut my tired eyes and go to sleep.

Just DAO It!!!

Then I woke up and it was raining. A perfect day for spending inside.

Following on from where I left off last night was the idea of the airdrop. One more blog post to check.

Disclaimer - we missed out on the Ampleforth governance airdrop, because we just left the Publish0x AMPL on the platform.

  • January 2021 - Development begins on Tally Ho

  • August 2021 - Tally Ho is Publicly Announced

  • August 2021 - First Community Call

  • September 2021 - First Community POAPs created

  • December 2021 - Call for DAO Delegates 

  • February 2022 - Tally Ho Commits 2.5% of Token Supply to Gitcoin Aqueduct

  • March 2022 - Community Multisig Deployed

  • May 2022 - DAO Structure Proposed

  • Coming soon to a wallet near you - On-chain DAO Launches

Do Your Own Research (DYOR)

This is a common buzzword in crypto, more cringe. 

This post is not a substitute for research, it is only a travel blog of my journey down the rabbit hole.

I like what I have read so far about Tally Ho and I do not like MetaMask. So this is only just the beginning of our journey. There may even be a follow-up post further down the path. Fingers crossed there is a big fat airdrop at the bottom of the rabbit hole.

The END (Maybe)

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