How Hard Can It Be To Giveaway FREE BTC Sats?

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1 year ago
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Apparently it is not that easy. So far this has only been two takers in the @ZeroRequiem promotional offer. I know we are in the middle of a Crypto Winter. WTF. It is easier to scam some one, than it is to give something away.

Maybe if @ZeroRequiem had given away a crappy NFT that the cat had drawn, the response would have been a different outcome.

Or maybe if @ZeroRequiem had offered “ send 1 get 2 back” the comments would have been swamped.

I am sure my Grandson will one day appreciate having some more sats sent to his Ledger Nano. We have 50/50 chance of being a winner.

Contest/Giveaway - Win Free Bitcoin - ZeroRequiem "s Community Rewards

The Light Bulb Moment

I had just added an Omniwallet address to the post comments and I thought I might do something about this shocking state of affairs.

Why the Omni address, we already had 0.00034412 BTC sitting there waiting to set sent home. The sats were left over from clearing a paper wallet of its MAID tokens. At the moment the fees are only 0.00001540 BTC which was about 46 cents. It has been along time since it has been that low, time to do the deed.


The music is pumping and I am on a roll, no point stopping now...

The Full Circle

And here we are back at @publish0x. 

All I needed was a catchy title and a nifty image. Not sure about the title but I love the image on so many levels. 


Not quite the end, have to post on first. Give it a minute or two then publish here. No harm in collecting some free BCH for the grandson.

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1 year ago
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Come on peeps! Who doesn't want some free Bitcoin??

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everybody except 20

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