Finding Sui And The Wallet

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11 months ago
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We were having a relaxing day at work, so had plenty of time in the cribb room to catch up on Publish0x,, and the faucets.

On @idiosyncratic1 had posted about a Sui Network tweet. Where they were letting the community know that 

"SUI token is not live, listed, for sale, or obtainable anywhere. And currently, they have no plans for an official airdrop. Therefore any talk about Sui airdrops and tokens are at best mis-information or at worst scams."

Now this was the first time I had even heard of Sui Network.

Sui Network

As a rule we don't take much notice anymore of sparkling new blockchains, that make grand promises. Been there done that.

Possibly because I had run out of things to amuse myself with but....

  • checked out the @SuiNetwork twatter account

  • followed @SuiNetwork on twatter

  • Duck Duck Go, 1 SUI = 1 Billion MIST and micro-post on

  • time to pick another project to DYOR. And it may as well be Sui.

  • Publish0x search revealed 2 posts, revealing pretty much what I had learned from a quick Duck Duck Go

I have a habit of skim reading and can easily miss things first time round. Luckily I read to the end @HeathMuchena post

Sui Layer-1 Blockchain & Smart Contract Platform Review

Tonights Tasks

Luckily I read to the end @HeathMuchena post to the end. And set myself some tasks to complete tonight when I got back to camp.

  • create Sui Wallet

  • claim Sui test tokens from faucet (50,000,000 SUI)

  • view transaction on Sui Explorer

  • mint a Sui NFT (10,000 SUI gas fees)

  • repeat step 3

Got stuck on task 2. The post did not got into any details, as to where the faucet was located. Just assumed it was part of wallet.

Turns out the Sui faucet is on the Sui devnet-faucet Discord channel.

Type 1faucet (space) Sui address and bot sends 5 x 10,000,000 SUI to you wallet instantly.

Just like that we are crypto millionaires.

Will have to save my first NFT mint for another day, as it is now bed time. Gotta be up at 4 am. Only 2 shifts to go before do the FiFo shuffle. 


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11 months ago
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