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10/10 To Publish0x Support Team - Post Gets Itself "BANNED"

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10 months ago

Getting your post banned or unpublished on any other platform, would give you all sorts of grief. But not on the Publish0x platform.

Two of the best things I like about Publish0x is the Publish0x team, especially support and how they handle things like this.

And the Publish0x community who report issues, provide feedback in the comments and generally are very supportive of new entrants and try to help them where possible.

Publish0x Support Team

I became aware of the error of my ways, when I received this friendly email from Publish0x.

It informed me that

  • it had been reported immediately. ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ to the community member who acted quickly and reported it. Using comments would not have been appropriate in the circumstances. We don't want some dumb schmuck going where they shouldn't.

  • malicious links were added into resources that were not from Ledger (my bad). It wasn't the screenshot of my bad language choice, my first thought.

  • I can dispute the removal of the post by responding to the email.

I did respond asking if it was alright to remove the offending links from resources or would I have to also remove the screenshots. They replied:

Wow that took only 38 minutes to respond.

Publish0x Community

@Smoljanović is like the community constable or your neighbourhood bobby on the beat. If he sees some young buck misbehaving, he gives a quick kick up the rear end. Lesson learnt and we all move on.

Yes I know @Smoljanović is also a Publish0x team member. But he has a foot in both camps. I started following @Smoljanović not because he was a team member but cause I liked his posts. It was only recently that I realised there was the a little.... to his Publish0x handle.

Here is an example of the use of comments to inform.

So what did I learn?

  • the resource list isn't a place to list your referral links

  • it is not official Publish0x TOS and Code Of Conduct

  • it is meant to be a place where an author can list sources of graphic, charts, info etc.

  • it is a breach of the social graces of the Publish0x community. This is one of the strengths of Publish0x, the sense of community. Some times you may have to look for it. Other times it kicks you up the rear end.

Attempted To Contact @Ledger_Support

It is worth noting that I had attempted to report the active malicious links to Ledger, added  @Ledger_Support  and  @Ledger  to my tweet. You are unable to Direct Message @Ledger_Support  and  @Ledger  on Twitter. 

When you try to contact them through their website, select subject Phishing in menu, it only come up with 2 options. Neither has any relevance to the Phishing attack. I chose "Not enough balance available".

I will leave it up to you to judge who has the better customer support.


Now For The Offending Post Minus the Malicious Links

"Our Ledger Nano X is Vulnerable, Deactivated, Needs Withdrawal Confirmations - WTF"

It has got us afraid to open the Ledger Nano X Family Pack box. 

Ledger keep sending us notifications. 

Our reply was not delivered.

Then we received from KYC.

Tried the link and it took us to the following page. 

The 2 of the other links came up

This site can’t be reached


Two days later from Ledger again.

More from Ledger. Some one in Moscow is trying to withdraw from our Ledger Nano X Family Pack. 

Our reply still wouldn't go through

Then I remembered that the Ledger Nano X Family Pack is still it's the mail bag it came in, sitting in the sock drawer.

We had not got around to opening it up yet. We have been waiting for us to get the time to set it all up.

Unless it came pre-loaded with 0.0191027 BTC, there should be no BTC sitting on the Ledger Nano X or S. Now we are really confused, if that is the case, why Ledger would keep sending us these strange notifications.

The End

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Written by   26
10 months ago
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Publish0x is full of good people. They're one of the most humble and understanding team I have come across in crypto.

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10 months ago

Totally agree. There is also a core community who are very protective of what we are lucky to have.

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10 months ago

Glad it was sorted

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10 months ago