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vacation during pandemic?

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As we all know, travel makes us escape from our daily problems even just for awhile.

but how can we have a vacation, if we are facing this kind of situation right now?? would you think could we still enjoy our travel from one place to another?? despite of Enhance Community Quarantine and total lockdowns from other places..

its a good privilege if we can take a vacation even just in a snap of time despite of pandemic. 'these pictures is taken from a private resort in Cavite.

our family sneak out last last week to breathe fresh air once in a while. we miss the view of the seashore,the dashling and roaring sound of waves,and the touch of sand in our feet .


It’s almost summer, and after months of stay-at-home orders and sheltering in place, some of us really need a vacation.

some of my friends saying. oh men how did you do that? takinng a vacatioon amidst pandemic.? hahahh thats already my secret lol.

however, i wish that some of you guys come up with any sort of activities that will help you to maage your stress and your personal problems in life by means of unwinding your body and mind. because i do believe that having a recreational activities sometimes help us to refresh our minds and body for us to be more productive in our jjobs or chosen career.

and i also believe that when the situation is okay and when the pandemic is over, i think everything will be back into its normal phase again. every planned vacation will surely achieved.

stay safe guys and have a blessed day ahead !!


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traveling is not advisable at the moment, keep safe ☺️

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2 years ago

thank you for your concern..but we stil manage to travel despite of situation hehehe

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2 years ago