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How I got into it

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5 months ago

Starting with Linda was just when I saw her at the big competition head at St Pius high School,black beautiful lady with perfect long hair arranged properly with flashy nice style. Who most her father be?I asked so slowly within my self.

She passed down with a heavy big ladies looking like bouncers, I just imaging my life with her in a short dream of five minutes.

When the time come for the proper beginning of the event she was address as princess MAMUNA of ILE, I now saw her sitting with two body guards.OMG this is real.

I was selected to participate in the competition too,I was happy to have being the one sitting next to princess Mamuna but her name LINDA.she answers slowly and perfect to any question given to her,then it got me gingered,I carefully did almost the same what she does by putting the best to my answers. That got me attracted to her.

After announcing the best performances ,I was called next to her again, then I known something begin's.she ask to see me in the break time and that was easy getting her because her school not more than a 1kilomitre from ours.I made her just as she demands, looking at her face I saw a great feeling of desire.what else if an already in dreams with her,things started there right away.

From school to office, now we are blessed with two kids.

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A nice story although not a tale. Try to use to check your grammar. Good luck.

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5 months ago