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Love in the dark: Balance between two worlds

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2 months ago

Recap: This is the second episode of love in the dark, in episode 1, Rose finds out about her family's tradition of dreaming about the love of their life for months before actually meeting the person, and finds out her supposed mysterious knight in shining armor has been dead for 5 years.

Rose was dazed, she simply stared at the woman, she could not think of anything to say. Dead? How? maybe her mother was wrong? perhaps the woman was lying? She described the man to the woman once more, repeating the same features she had memorized earlier, the response was the same, according to the woman, his name was Bryan. Bryan was 27 at the time of the accident, it was on his birthday, he was at the zebra crossing waiting for the traffic light to turn green when a drunk driver in a bid to get to the other side before the orange light changes to green collided with him. He hit his head on the pavement and died instantly, the driver absconded, attempts to trace him have been futile. Rose was perplexed, there were a lot of questions that needed to be answered, even if what the woman said was true and her mother's tradition turned out to be a fluke, the important question still remains, why on earth would she be able to see a dead man?

She had no idea how she got home, she had no idea what to think, fortunately, her mother was home, twice in a row. Janet was shocked at the state she was in, where was the happy, bubbly girl that left in the morning and why was she staring at a sad, gloomy girl. She helped her get changed and promptly gave her some sleeping tablets because it was obvious she really needed to rest. Rose slept for 4 hours, she woke with a slight headache but she felt way better before, more importantly, she could focus. Thankfully Janet was in the sitting room, she explained the day's ordeal to her, skipping no parts. She was amazed at the fact that Janet did not seem surprised, she only nodded all through as if agreeing with what she was saying. After her explanation, the only thing Janet did was sigh and say "It is well, I hoped this would not happen to you too".

Rose thought her mother must be joking and had to ask her to repeat herself, the response was the same. Janet then told her about her family, she said "Growing up, my mother never hid anything about her side of the family from us, it has been a tradition for the ladies in their family to be gifted with sight. The sight was different from everyone in the family, some could see the future, some had premonitions about bad things that would happen, some could only see who they would end up with and the special ones could see the dead. My mother hounded us and prepared us, always missing different herbal medicines for her children, both male and female. She was a very opportunistic woman, she wanted to be the first person to produce men gifted with sight, she also wanted her girls to be special, to be able to see the dead. We were never allowed to live like normal children, we all had to stay indoors, recite enchantments and wait for the sight. My brothers were never blessed with it, my mother verbally abused them day in, day out, hoping that would ginger them to see, it did not work, they eventually left the house when they turned 18. On my 15th birthday, I had a dream, I saw your father, I knew I had been blessed with seeing my future lover, but I did not tell her, all she would have done was abuse me and call me useless because I did not have the special gift, It was better to endure the same abuse giving to my brothers, when i clocked 18, I met your father by chance when he came to fix the leaking taps in the house. My Sister on the other hand was blessed with the ability to see ghosts, a blessing that soon became a curse. It started on her 13th birthday, she woke up and upon seeing apparitions in her room, she screamed and came downstairs, my mother was elated but my sister never remained the same. Cara started having mental issues, she did not have the emotional strength necessary, the ghosts talked to her. They often told her story about their past lives, their deaths, some had even gotten reincarnated 5 times. On her 16th birthday, tired of seeing them, she took her own life. However, I think you are blessed with both my sister's and I's gifts but in your own unique way. You can only see the ghost of the man, you were supposed to fall in love with. It is both lovely and sad. I purposely shielded you from it all because i was scared you would turn to be like my sister, I had hoped you would be spared from that blessing which is a curse for some".

Rose for the second time in a day, was short of words. She literally had nothing to say. All she did was cry, she could not even put a name to the emotion she felt, she cried and her mother comforted her. Her mother told her all they had to do was figure out, how to communicate with the dead man, just like her sister used to.

Episode 2: part 1, This episode is not yet complete, It will be completed tonight. You can find the beginning of the series using this link

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Written by   17
2 months ago
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