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Hair Care 101

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Why you shouldn't use eggs on hair

The benefits of using eggs on our hair is something our grandmothers and friends can't stop gushing about. Well there's more you should know about using them . If you have a sensitive scalp prone to dandruff and itchiness, this article is for you .

An egg contains 6 gram of protein and while the white part is made up of more than half this percent , the yolk is made up of fat and less precent of protein. The excessive use of Eggs on hair can lead to protein overload which means an imbalance between the level of protein and moisture in the hair. This imbalance can lead to dry hair , hair loss and itchy scalp .

Also , excessive use of Eggs on a sensitive scalp makes the hair lose its shine and become stiff and dull looking so if you want to keep those shiny curls , stay away from eggs.

If you're also prone to dandruff outbreaks, egg is something you should avoid as the dryness of hair can lead to build up of dandruff on scalp . Yes they make your hair look shiny and curly after you wash them off but what goes on underneath the root of your hair a few days later is what really matters .

However this notion doesn't apply to everyone as what works for A might not work for B . Study shows that some people tend to be more sensitive to protein than others are .

In conclusion, eggs are a great source of protein and they have a lot of benefits but we should take into consideration, not just what is good for our hair but what is good for our hair and scalp . If applying eggs is still an option, an increased time interval before another application, is advised .

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Written by   14
1 year ago
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