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Everyone Pretends

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1 year ago

Most times, we pretend to be what we are not, we sometimes pretend to be more than we are or less than we are. We act like we are ok with living the way we do, we act like words do not hurt, , we try to hide our emotions, we wear clothes to project a certain personality, we try to act like we aren't in love.

It's a brutal world and a little bit of weakness can make you extremely vulnerable to your fellow human. No one knows who might be willing to use it against you. When we go out, we most times have to keep our normal personalities at home and put on a tough exterior until we get to a place were we can be free again.

In relationships, the one who loves more, the one who is weaker gets hurt faster. So it's a struggle, a struggle not to appear too needy, too clingy, too emotional, too in Love. The person who acts tough can be seen as heartless, loveless and without emotions. We try to act normal, most times playing a script we imagine should work.

It all gets to a point where everyone gets tired of putting up a facade, where we decide to be who we are regardless of whatever we get to face. We'd all get to that point at a time, that point where we are so comfortable with ourselves and our personalities that we know how to balance it all, that we accept the negative aspect of our personalities, that we realize everyone pretends sometimes and whichever way we decide to live, either by pretending or being ourselves, Nobody really cares except you, cause in the end, it's your life and you determine the way you live.

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