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So you think you're too short? Someone somewhere is hating on his or herself for being too tall.

You think you're too fat? Well guess what, people are out there taking drugs to help them gain weight.

You think you're too slim? Go to the gym and see what people are passing through just cause they want to lose weight.

What don't you like about yourself? Your eyes? Your nose? Your lips? People do surgery everyday just to have that thing that you so dislike.

Let me share a story with you.

At age 10 I was weighing about 65kg.

Although I was the last girl in a group of four girls, I was the fattest.

I went through series of self hatred. I wanted to lose weight so bad I went on hunger strike.

The end result was ulcer. Yes, I got ulcer from the starvation I put myself through. I still feel the pains now, years after.

It sounds like a cliche when people say you have to love yourself but trust me, you do.

You keep comparing yourself to people, you wish God made you differently.

You're only harming yourself.

The way you are is beautiful.

There's no such thing as too short, too tall, too fat, too slim. The way you are is perfect.

The first step to growth is you loving yourself.

Remember I'm the fourth daughter of my parents?

Well I always compared myself to my sisters. How come I'm dark while they are all light?

How come I'm fat while they are all slim?

It wasn't until I let go of self hate that I realized that there's beauty in everything.

It doesn't matter your skin color, size or shape, you are beautiful.

Embrace your beauty, stop being negative about yourself.


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