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1 year ago

The presence of courage is not the absence of fear, it's the zeal to do it regardless of being afraid. There is a thing line between been brave and being foolish, when you make a decision defying logic and in the end it works out positively, we assume it was bravery at work, but when the outcome is negative, we most times believe it's foolishness have defied plain logic and reasoning in the first place.

Growing up we are confronted with making decisions everyday, these decisions make or mar you. We sometimes make decisions based on logic or on impulse or on pre-existing conditions. Some times we hope or have faith that we made the best decision, at other times we doubt whatever decision we make.

How do we know when our decisions will turn out to be brave or foolish, how do we know what way to make the decision, how do we know if it's logic or impulse that will work. With Time, we learn to differentiate, we learn to make decisions based on previous knowledge or on observation. We learn to know how to balance our decisions well to reflect bravery. And we also learn to have blind Faith in ourselves, to hope no matter what, that our decision brings out positive results. As we continue to make good and bad decisions, we hope to get to that stage.

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