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Gimmi friends good morning!
Here we are again today to update you with some numbers.

Today, as requested last week by @libertycrypto27 we will try to make our numbers easier to understand at a glance.

Today we will try to take into account the delegation issue and we will try to make a comparison of the earnings with and without delegation every Friday we will see the earnings from posts, from sales and the distribution of pools and rewards to date.

But before revealing all the numbers of GIMMI we leave the link for all the info in case someone does not know what we are talking about because it is new.

So let's go see what happened this week.


As we did for the past week, let's read the situation to date.
Following the release of the Halloween special edition, this week saw the regular release of the Hulk Poo series in all its common, rare and epic versions.

To date, 42 NFTs have been sold (8 more than last week) for a total of 271,800 Hives

As usual, by removing the 10% fee, you will get 271,800 Hive all ended up in our beloved pool.
36,900 more Hives than last week.


This week we, therefore, had a gain of 14.18 Hive which directly increased the pool.


By combining the data seen so far, it is easy to find out the amount of the pool, from which, however, we have already removed the usual 40 Hives necessary to cover the costs of new releases and giveaways.

The pool thus amounts to 279,911 Hive

This week the pool increased by Hive 51.08

If we compare the data with last week, we note that to date the percentage of the pool attributable to posting works has increased by 2.4% compared to the pool deriving from direct NFT sales.

What will happen when sales inevitably decrease and the part of the pool earned with posting works will increase, exceeding the part attributable to the direct sale of NFT?


Now, instead, let's see what and how much we should distribute today to all participants in the pool.

This is currently the division of the pool in percentage

As of today we should be distributing 311,281 DEC weekly divided as you see in the table above.
Indeed considering the update of the proxies we should distribute 319,450 DEC

At the time of writing this post, 319,450 DEC equals approximately 0.525 Hive.
We are therefore distributing around 0.103 more Hives than last week.

If we want to calculate an annual return value, we just need to multiply the interest distributed this week by the number of weeks that make up a year, namely 52.
We thus get an annual interest of 27,300 Hive.
This means that we are having an annual return of approximately 9.06% total on the initial investment made.

This week we see an increase of 0.65% over the previous week thanks to our postings and direct sales of NFT.


But since someone asked us the previous week, do we want to see the percentage of return that a user would have if he entered the project today based on the type of NFT purchased?

And if you want to increase your earnings even more, you can delegate your HP according to the table below


We also remind you that the Giveaway is open which allows you to win two NFTs from our friend Gimmi every week.
This week there are two versions of DARTH POO in the COMMON version up for grabs, to participate in the draw click on the image and follow the link for all the info to participate.

GUESS WHO !? returns on November 14th as a user has guessed the mysterious character on the first try.
He will receive his RARE copy as soon as we release the new version of Gimmi for now all our compliments for the insight!!

Our NFTs can be found at @nftshowroom.
If you are not yet registered in NFTShowroom you can do it through this link
If you want to use my ref link

(Logo nftshowroom)

For today, the invitation is always to comment on your doubts or our mistakes in order to improve the format.
We close with A LOT OF GIMMI EVERYBODY as always :).




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