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Silvershield BARD

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1 year ago
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Hi guys, here we are with a new episode dedicated to the monsters of SPlinterlands, today we are in a castle on the island of KHYMERIA to meet a beautiful girl who, besides being fascinating, is also a musician, singer and everything that surrounds art.

The first time I met this young lady I was amazed and I had to serenade her immediately but in the end, she gave me the serenade by breaking the guitar in my head ... it is definitely loved.

Seriously, today's card is part of the LIFE element is one of the cards that cost in MANA and is perhaps the least used card by me, I just can't understand its use but maybe it's just a matter of enhancing it to bring out the true skills of this charming girl.

As always we will do a rundown on the pros and cons of this card to conclude with a challenge hoping it will be epic !!

Let's start immediately without getting too lost in chatter and let's start with the characteristics of:


This card is part of the PROMO (ORB) collection, it is a RARE card of the LIFE element and has a MELEE attachment but only from the second level onwards.
It can also be used by DRAGONS but beware of RULESETS that do not allow its use as KEEP YOUR DISTANCE which does not allow the use of monsters with MELEE attack, EVEN STEVENS which only allows the use of cards with even mana cost.

The value of this card at level one is 0.32 dollars while at its maximum level it reaches 19 dollars, values taken as I write this post.

This card is not often seen in battle, perhaps only in cases where mana is leftover and its low cost allows it to be inserted without too much effort.
I used it for this challenge and I honestly don't know how to use it but let's do a rundown on the characteristics of this monster that can reach level eight of power.

At level one, it has no attack and this is the main reason I don't use this card other than to use up all the mana, it reaches attack two at level six and then stops.
The speed is two and reaches a maximum of four at level seven while possessing no armour.
Life is one at a basic level and reaches a maximum of three at level eight.

The MANA cost of this card is one and makes it easy to insert in the combat deck, even if you hardly ever see it and even I use it little if not by mistake ... I have yet to learn how to use it to the fullest.

At level one she has the CLEANSE power ability which removes any negative effects from the first card deployed.
At level five a second SWITNESS ability is added which increases the speed of all friendly cards.

We just have to see SILVERSHIELD BARD in "action" !!



  • STANDARD: No changes to Rulesets in-game.

  • MANA: 19


For this game, I chose the LIFE element by deploying the Summoner TYRUS PALADIUM RARE card with a MANA cost of three.
This Summoner has the power to increase the armour of all friendly cards by one.

My opponent opted for the DEATH element by deploying the Summoner CONTESSA L'AMENT RARE card with a MANA cost of three.
This Summoner has the power to reduce the RANGED attack of opposing cards by one.

In the front row I placed SILVERSHIELD PALADIN RARE card with a MANA cost of five, a tank of the LIFE element, it does not have a lot of armour and not even a lot of life but it has the SHIELD ability able to reduce the damage received from RANGED and MELEE attacks.

In the second row I inserted a second tank SILVERSHIELD KNIGHT common card of the LIFE element cost in MANA 6, this card cannot attack from the rear but I decided to insert it for its INSPIRE ability which increases the MELEE attack of my cards by one and makes my front row TANK stronger.
In the third row I deployed our Challenge card, not knowing how to use it, I decided to place it third, it has no attack and I hope to exploit its ability.

In the last row, I inserted the PEACEBRINGER RARE card of the LIVE element with a cost in MANA four. It has no ability but has a RANGED attack and can attack from the last position.

My opponent has inserted only two BONE GOLEM cards RARE card of the DEATH element with a cost in MANA seven, has two of armour and six of life, is a good TANK and has the VOID ability in degrees to reduce the magical damage taken, in this match wasted.

In the second and last row, he has deployed a NEUTRAL card with a MANA cost of six MANTOID, this monster has the SNIPE ability and as the target has priority cards with attack RANGED, MAGIC or without attack, our challenge card will most likely be the first to abandon us.

I won the game in five Rounds, as predicted under the siege of MANTOID poor SILVERSHIELD BARD was the first to abandon us, but she gave the other team cards time to kill all the enemy monsters and win the game.
Unfortunately, her ability did not affect me as there was no negative effect on my first card.


This card and its use are still a mystery to me, and I think it is for many players, it is rarely seen in battle and I only use it when I have one mana left and I don't know where to spend it, beautiful, fascinating but is it strong?
Curious to read the posts of other users to understand it better, perhaps its hidden talents are at higher levels than the paper.

If you haven't tried this game yet my advice is to do it this is my link referral you can use the link if you like it or not but the point is always the one game to try! :-)

If you don't like using it;) below !.

Have fun and see you in battle !!

The photos and gifs are screenshots taken from the Splinterland game I own or from splinterlands source.

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Written by   21
1 year ago
Topics: Gameplay, Freewrite, Game, Blog, Fantasy, ...
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