NFTfrappe Passive EARN NFT -Hulk-Poo- for you!

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1 year ago

Good morning Gimmi friends!! here we are at Gimmi day, the day where our protagonist gets involved, today we give away the last two copies of DARTH POO in the COMMON version then the only way to get it is to buy it from the NFTFRAPPE store on NFTshowroom but calmly .. .
Before starting with the various games there is the usual premise for newcomers who find themselves catapulted into this world of "shit" without knowing why and how.

NFTFRAPPE is a program of EARN PASSIVE NFT or by holding our NFTs you have an automatic passive income every week but for more information I invite you to click on the link below where you will be catapulted into the complete guide of NFTFRAPPE.


Also this time our mysterious character was guessed at the first attempt by friend @arc7icwolf who will receive the RARE copy of the mysterious character, which will remain so for another two weeks, when it is released on November 28th, on this date we will start with the new "GUESS WHO!?".
Super congratulations to your intuition and in the future we will try to make them just a little bit more complicated... Ugh, don't let us play! hahaha...

Here are the few clues that were enough to guess the character, even if I think the credit goes to that little lifebuoy to Gimmi's left.

is he a real character? - NO -

Is it part of a television series? - YES -

With these two clues the mystery that we will not mention here has been solved, if you want to know the character you will have to browse the comments in the posts or wait for November 28th ;).



Last week we gave the first two copies of the four available of DARTH POO to users @stefano.massari and @arc7icwolf who received our friend Gimmi in their @nftshowroom wallet.

Today we officially open the new Giveaway dedicated to the HULK-POO transformation in the COMMON version and not last week when I carelessly skipped a week, my mistake sorry.

Our NFTs can be found at @nftshowroom.
If you are not yet registered in NFTShowroom you can do it through this link
If you want to use my reflink

(Logo NFTShowroom)


  • Write in the comments GIMMI THE POO will guarantee you a ticket for the draw.

  • REBLOG this post will guarantee you a second ticket for the draw. (report it in the comments)

  • Citing one or more friends in the comment will guarantee you a third ticket for the draw.

  • (NEW UPDATE) Following us on Twitter, LIKE and REBLOG this post on Twitter and follow all directions in the post, will guarantee you a ticket to the draw.

  • Deadline Monday. (We'll take a few days to finish the post and check the comments.)

The extraction will take place on the following Wednesday and the prize will be delivered during the day.
Every Wednesday we will start a giveaway with the NFT prize from the previous edition if you don't want to miss our contests stay tuned to NFTFRAPPE.


Let's see the participants in today's competition and the two lucky winners who will take home the last two copies available for the giveaway of DARTH POO in the COMMON version.
There are fourteen users regularly registered in the contest and here is the table below with the Tickets distributed.

Let's start immediately with the drawing of the two NFTs.

First draw:

The first extraction goes to @monsterbuster who takes home one of the two copies of DARTH POO

Here is the excerpt of the second and final copy of this edition:

The second excerpt is @bechibenner!!

Both users were very lucky, the first participated with one ticket while the second with two, they take home a copy of their friend Gimmi which they will soon receive in their NFTSHOWROOM, I remind you that these NFTs are also valid for the POOL and that they will make users receive passive interest.


  • Until the end of the year all the HIVE earned from the sales of our NFTs, the HIVE earned from the REWARDS of our posts and from the curations will be 100% entered into the POOL to increase your earnings faster. (They will always be retained about 40 SWAP.HIVE to allow the various games to run)

  • Until the end of the year, buying a RARE and an EPIC NFT of the same version, you will get the COMMON copy of the same version for free, where available.

  • Token distributed this week is DEC, token of our beloved game Splinterlands, expires November 28th, survey for new Token November 21st.

  • To increase your earnings we have decided to give all holders of our NFTs the opportunity to slightly increase their earnings from the pool.
    In fact, thanks to a delegation from HP, it will be possible to increase one's earnings up to 10% more than normal in this way:

I remind you that you can participate in the GIVEAWAY by Monday included and if you want to increase your tickets, follow us on Twitter.
For today that's all, the invitation is always to comment on your doubts or our mistakes in order to improve the format.
We close with LOTS OF GIMMI EVERYONE as always :).

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