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My singing monsters APP

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1 year ago

Hi friends, today we are talking about something different and not the usual Splinterlands.

Today I want to talk to you about an app made for those who love music but above all, as in my case, for those who play it. It is an app present both on the AppStore and the play store so it can be downloaded both for those who use iPhone or have Android as an operating system.

It has always been present on the various phones I have had, in reality only two I try to make them last, but this app I have always downloaded and used because I think it is a lot of fun.

The game in question is from 2012 the beauty of nine years ago and continuously updated by the developers the BIG BLUE BUBBLE the game in question is MY SINGING MONSTERS.

This game, totally FREE, is a single-player and there are no fights or challenges with other players.
The game consists of collecting the cute singing monsters by buying them with the game coins or making them mate with each other, each pairing of different monsters will generate a new different monster and each with its own melody or sound.

Each monster requires objects and food to be upgraded and grow, becoming adults, and the ability to be transferred to different islands each with its own particularity.

Having made this brief description, I am going to talk to you about the most interesting part for me, which is the power to create your own songs or covers using real musical scores that each ostro has and which will therefore play with its own sonority.
This mode is suitable for musicians who know notes and scores but can delight and experiment to create their own things.

Today I propose two covers that I made with this game, one of the famous RAMONES, perhaps one of the most famous songs RAMONES, BLITZKRIEG BOP of which I took a few pieces from youtube to complete the video source [ here] (
The second is a song from Muse that I love, perhaps one of my favourites and it is PLUG IN BABY also in this one I took some pieces from this [source] ( to embellish the video :-).

With this game, you have the ability to create guitars, drums, keyboards, drums, sounds of various kinds using the many monsters within the game.
For non-musicians there are many islands where they can grow their monsters and create preset songs with ready-made sounds and melodies and everyone can indulge themselves by changing monsters by raising or lowering sounds by putting or removing others.

Enjoy and enjoy this fantastic game and if you use it, comment with your songs!

The photos are screenshots taken at the game, the video is made using the game except for a few pieces the source is mentioned in the post.

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Written by   21
1 year ago
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