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Centauri Mage Element Earth - Splinterlands-

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3 weeks ago

Hi friends, are you ready for a new adventure? today we return to ANUMUN the island of the EARTH element.

Earth as green as emerald is certainly the most luxuriant and populated in the Splinterlands world, but beware that behind this beauty there are frightening and very strong monsters but also enchanting creatures like the one we will talk about today.

We have fully resumed our journey in the middle of the islands of Splinterlands, after the holidays we have fully restarted with our tour, I ask you to tell me if you like this format or if you would change something or even to eliminate, I would not like to get you too bored even if I think that for inexperienced players and in my opinion even the experienced ones some more information or a review are always good.

There was a hitch with the replay of the game that I could not save but despite this we will talk about the pros and cons of this wonderful monster that however hides superhuman and dangerous powers today we talk about:


Secret magic that leaves the public in awe, especially at sunset when they make the whole island shine with their power.
Beautiful but scary at the same time they create green fires against their enemies who try to attack the wild creatures near KRON outside the city

Today we are talking about a powerful wizard both in attack and in defence, today we are talking about


Not always easy to insert into battle due to its high MANA cost of seven but when possible this card knows how to attack and defend well.
Thanks to her skills and her magical attack she often becomes the protagonist of victory.

It starts with a magic attack of one and reaches three at the card's maximum power, level eight.
It also has a good speed already at a basic level and reaches four at level seven, it does not have a shield but has a high life, already at level one it starts with life nine and reaches a maximum of ten that goes up and down depending on the level of the card.


At the level, it starts with the RETURN FIRE ability that returns part of the damage to the sender with a RANGED attack.
At level five, a second REPAIR ability is added that returns some of the armour to an allied monster whose armour has been damaged.


We just have to see CENTAURI MAGE in action



  • STANDARD: No changes to Rulesets in-game.

  • MANA: 22


For this challenge, I chose the EARTH element by deploying the Summoner WIZARD OF EASTWOOD RARE card with a mana cost of three.
This sorcerer has the power to drop enemy armour by two.

My opponent chose the DEATH element by deploying the Summoner ZINTAR MORTALIS card RARE with a MANA cost of three.
ZINTAR MORTALIS has the power to lower the attack power of opposing MELEE cards by one.


  • First Row: UNICORN MUSTANG RARE card with a MANA cost of eight, has the VOID ability which reduces the magical damage received and has a large amount of life ten.

  • Second Row: CENTAURI MAGE our challenge card protected by our tank and inserted in the second position to counterattack any cards with SNIPE ability thanks to its RETURN FIRE ability.

  • Third Row: GOBLIN THIEF common card with a MANA cost of four, uses MELEE attack but thanks to its SNEAK ability it can also attack from the rear targeting the last enemy monster deployed.

  • Fourth Row: KHMER PRINCESS RARE card with MANA cost two, deployed for its low mana cost, possesses magic attack and no abilities.


  • First Row: BONE GOLEM RARE card with a MANA cost of seven, has the VOID ability, excellent tank also for its life of six and the shield of two and a good attack of three.

  • Second Row: SKELETON ASSASSIN common card with MANA cost of three, as GOBLIN THIEF has the SNEAK ability and can attack from the rear despite having MELEE attack.

  • Third Row: HAUNTED SPIRIT RARE card with a MANA cost of five, he has the HEAL ability that allows him to heal himself every turn, he has MELEE attack and from the third row he cannot attack.

  • Fourth Row: TWISTED JESTER RARE card with a MANA cost of four, uses RANGED attack and has the SNIPE ability, this attack priority ability against monsters that have RANGED, MAGIC or NO ATTACK attacks.

  • Fifth Row: UNDEAD PRIEST RARE card with a MANA cost of two, it has no attack but only the WEAKEN ability which reduces the life of the opposing cards by one.

It took seven rounds to win the game, CENTAURI MAGE was crucial to the victory thanks to its skill but also its large amount of life and its magical attack.


I'm sorry for the Replay but I can't find it having played this game the day before, peackmonsters battlechain he doesn't show it to me and I don't know how to get it back, I learn to save it right away for the next time.

If anyone knows how to retrieve the replay let me know in the comments that I will correct the post immediately.

I like this card even if it is not easy to insert due to its high mana cost, but when inserted it knows how to assert itself from level one thanks to its ability and its large amount of health.

If you haven't tried this game yet my advice is to do it this is my link referral you can use the link if you like it or not but the point is always the one game to try! :-)

If you don't like using it;) below !.

Have fun and see you in battle !!

The photos and gifs are screenshots taken from the Splinterland game I own or from splinterlands source.

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Written by   13
3 weeks ago
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