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Ant Miners Fire monsters!

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1 year ago

Hello friends!! here I am again talking about a new monster, not really a gigantic and scary monster as you can see in the movies but a small monster that taken individually is almost harmless, individually yes but this little guy never turns alone but in huge squadrons ready to sow terror and destruction.

Let's go back to the island of fire "the Burning Land" one of the islands that make up the world of Splinterlands ... what is Splinterlands?! ... you're kidding right !? don't you know the most beautiful card game built on blockchain ??? madness scroll now to the end of the post and click to start playing immediately!

Seriously today we are talking about a small ant that emerged from the deep excavations in the mine of the land of fire, millions came out of that hole all on fire with rage for breaking into their house ... "I would be too" and now the land of fire is invaded by these beings ... let's see in detail who we are talking about and their power ... let's go !!!!


Come out of the depth where the fire is king these small fire ants as big as a fist individually are not so dangerous but in a team, these monsters become threatening to anyone, so they always run in long lines and when it happens to meet them better to turn away.

This monster is part of the REWARD edition, it is a common card of the FIRE element but can also be used by DRAGONS.
It has a MELEE attack and can be upgraded to level ten.

Beware of RULESETs that do not allow the use of this card such as ODD ONES OUT which only allows the use of monsters with odd mana cost, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE which does not allow the use of monsters with MELEE attack.

This little ant is easy to put into battle due to its low mana cost.
Small in size but often big surprises thanks to his skills, he will never be a real TANK from the beginning of the battle but could become one during the game.

This little ant already at level one has the SCAVENGER ability which increases the life of one for each monster that dies ally or not, which sometimes makes this card full of life.
At level six is added SHIELD ability that reduces all damage taken except magic.

It starts with attack one and remains so until level nine then at maximum power it increases to two.
The speed and increasing start with one until it reaches three at level eight.
Basi this card does not have a shield that manifests itself at level four with a point and remains so up to the maximum level while life from one passes to three with ups and downs during the upgrade.

We just have to see ANT MINERS in action!



  • STANDARD: No changes to Rulesets in-game.

  • MANA: 24

For this game, I decided to field the FIRE element and as SUMMONER I chose MALRIC HELL RARE card with a mana cost of three.
This card has the power to increase the MELEE attack of friendly cards by one.

My opponent opted for the LIFE element and chose TYRUS PALADIUM as SUMMONER, a RARE card with the power to increase the shield of allied cards by one point.

In the front row, I have deployed the LIVING LAVA RARE card of the FIRE element with a MANA cost of seven, powerful TANK thanks to its life of seven, and its armour of two but above all for its SHIELD ability that reduces the damage received RANGED E MELEE but not Magico.

In the second row I inserted our ANT MINERS challenge card as the second Tank, Living Lava is a tough nut to crack and doesn't always get killed and I thought I'd put the little ant in the second row because I'm sure there will be many before going to first. dead and the life of the ant will become high.
In the third row, I deployed a FIRE ELEMENTAL RARE card with a RANGED attack and the very powerful BLAST power capable of adding damage to cards close to the one hit.

In the fourth position, I inserted the SPARK PIXIES RARE card with RANGED attack and FLYING ability, a card with little life only one but with phenomenal speed and therefore able to dodge numerous hits.
In the last position, I inserted FIRE BEETLE common card with RANGED attack and SNIPE ability that targets as the first target the cards with RANGED, MAGIC or no attack.

My opponent has deployed SILVERSHIELD PALADIN as a TANK with the SHIELD ability that reduces all damage except magic.

In the second row, he inserted a second spare TANK :-) CLAY GOLEM RARE card with a MANA cost of six and the VOID ability that reduces magic damage, in this useless game.
In the third position, he has deployed a FERAL SPIRIT common card with a mana cost of three, has MELEE attack but can also attack from the rear thanks to his SNEAK ability.

In the fourth and fifth row, he inserted two other DIVINE HEALER community cards with a mana cost of three and with TANK HEAL power that allows him to heal the card in the first row and GRUMPY DWARF NEUTRAL card with a mana cost of four and the REACH power that allows the card to attack from the second row, in this position it is unusable.

I won the battle in six rounds, our ant was waiting to go into action accumulating life points but it never went into action, LIVING LAVA was never damaged and the cards in the back helped with the destruction.


This card is certainly not from the front row to the start game but if well positioned it could give enormous help to the team despite its small size.
I often use this monster both for its low mana cost and for its ability that often gives positive surprises.

If you haven't tried this game yet my advice is to do it this is my link referral you can use the link if you like it or not but the point is always the one game to try! :-)

If you don't like using it;) below !.

Have fun and see you in battle !!

The photos and gifs are screenshots taken from the Splinterland game I own or from splinterlands source.

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Written by   21
1 year ago
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