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CoronaVirus: End of the World, Pandemic, Not Much More than a Flu, or a NothingBurger?

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1 month ago
Topics: coronavirus, life

Thoughts, Perspectives, and Forecasts

It's been a while now since the CoronaVirus popped off...and wow, the perspectives and views are all over the map. Here are some of the sources I've been following:

  • Styxhexenhammer666 does short daily updates which I've found fairly middle of the road in terms of his forecasts

  • Computing Forever has done some good videos on the subject as well. This one did a very good job of exposing media lies and bias

  • London Real did a wild long form interview that forebodes really bad things unless things change (it was also taken off Youtube)

  • Dollar Vigilante does quite a few videos on the topic and this one was pretty interesting

  • Stefan Molyneux does fairly regular updates that are more long form. I particularly found these two interviews enlightening.

You could also go on Twitter for some short form content. I think Jeffrey Tucker and Roger Ver are fairly close in view to the way I see things. That being said, I have vacillated a great deal on the topic myself over the weeks.

Media Coverage

Is it a BioWeapon from a Chinese lab or not? How is it transmitted? What is the mortality rate? Are we doing enough? Not doing enough? These are some of the questions being asked...and I think independent media, commentators, and platforms are doing the best job of getting the facts out there and some dissident expert opinions out in the open.

Personally, I really don't know what will happen. I think only time will tell who is right. It does seem to be over-hyped a lot. That being said, I was prepared well in advance of most in the US, where I live. One expert was predicting 2 Million Deaths in the US alone. I think they've already chopped a couple zeros off their prediction.

I think one thing that isn't discussed enough outside of AustrianEcon/Libertarian/Anarcho/Crypto spheres is the trade-offs between nearly full society wide lockdowns and the forecasted mortality rate. The "we need a lockdown" because "you can't put a price on human life" cliche is so cringe at this point it's hardly worth addressing. Can you put a price on the human lives lost due to the shelter-in-place and quarantine orders? And is it higher or lower than the current COVID Mortality Rate by the experts? And which experts do we listen to?

These are all questions that we need to be asking...and we need the media to be answering them. Sadly, the MSM won't be doing a very good job of that. I tried to link to Bitchute in this article since Youtube, which is censoring non-MSM content, isn't a platform I go out of my way to support these days. Honestly, I don't know what you should do, how you should feel, or who is right. I would just suggest listening to varying viewpoints and thinking for yourself.

Final Covid Thoughts

I purposely don't want to tell you what I think down to the letter because I'd rather you think for yourself. And I have no idea if I'm right or not to be honest. I'm making an educated guess based on the evidence I've seen and the people and media I trust most (And many of the sources mentioned above actually contradict each other in various ways). I hope you do the same.

Take this time to learn a new skill or language, catch up on the backlog of books you were going to read, or anything else that will increase your talent stack if you find yourself with some free time. It's okay to have fun too, but self-improvement itself can really be enjoyable, gratifying, and rewarding as well.

And buy crypto or buy/sell things w/ Crypto!

I'd love to hear your thoughts below. Cheers.

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Written by   4
1 month ago
Topics: coronavirus, life
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