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Victory lies ahead! - 4/10 placement matches.

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6 months ago

As of now, Jhin is still hella viable, and I am climbing!
I went with the previous roles, ADC as primary and Jungler as secondary. Thankfully, I got placed as ADC, and jhin was open.

In the pick and ban phase, I insta banned seraphine. I have since become comfortable playing against her and will be focusing on banning Hecarim here on. That doesn't mean Seraphie doesn't pose a cancerous threat on the rift, I am simply choosing the battles I would rather not fight.

I as counter-picked with the Kaisa, but my support Annie played really well and we maintained good pressure during landing phase.

TBH, in-game I completely forgot we were playing ranked because we had a top Ashe, against an Irelia, which is a bad match up for Ashe and typically would cause us a loss. Ashe still carried well and we landed a much-needed victory.

Considering we had high pressure top and "prio" bottom, our gold lead was always ahead. We could make use of our lead and keep a constant control on objectives.

But with such a huge score lead, it is close to impossible to lose unless we make huge mistakes. My positioning through out the match wasn't very optimal.

I took most of my deaths bot side and especially in areas where vision is a problem. That means I need to play more carefully and be aware of vision and enemy positioning.

The "damage dealt" graph goes to show how huge Ashe's impact as on the match. She is almost double the next damage dealer, which is Velkoz that deals AP instead of AD damage.

The chart also shows how insanely broken Irelia is. Although she completely flopped, she dealt the 3rd highest damage in the match. And most of my deaths were to her, since I did not expect her to do so much from behind, but she is so broken!!!!

Game 4 really showed my true potential on Jhin. Although it was incredibly amazing that we won. We had 4 AD champions and 1 AP champion. The enemy team could simply build armor instead of magic resist and completely negate our damage, but they didn't.

I instabanned Seraphne again and I was counterpicked with Vayne. Although the huge range advantage of Senna and Jhin against simple poke by Lux and inactive laning of Vayne made it easy for us to keep the Vayne under control.

My gold lead never went to red. It was easy to pick up the pace while staying ahead. The enemy Vayne did not respect the damage I could deal with 1 item spike, and paid heavily. Repeatedly.

The only problem we faced as the enemy jungler Vi who kept ganking the bottom lane and gave me my deaths. Except that my positioning and lane control was excellent to the point I could freely roam and claim kills.

Had the game extended for a longer time, the enemy Illaoi would have become a major threat. She was beginning to pick up the pace but we could end before it became too late.

I had the highest damage output. Karthus came in a close second!

That completes 4 out of 10 placement games for me. Hopefully, I can land somewhere in high Silver by the end of the split and make my ascent to gold.

I want to pick up Vayne and Miss fortune, but I have realized they are super dependant on their support in the early game.

They become turbo carries mid and late game, but only if the early game goes well. That is relatively easy to do. Except, finding a good support in lower ranks is very difficult.

So, I will have to stick with the safe Jhin pick for a while.

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Written by   5
6 months ago
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