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Jumping on the Solo Queue Ranked Grind - 2 out of 10 Placement Matches.

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6 months ago

Finally decided to hop on to the solo/duo ranked queues.
I have now gotten comfortable with 2 positions: Bottom and Jungle.
The tip by every top-ranked player is to master 2 champions in every role so as to climb the ranks with them.

On bottom lane I have gotten very comfortable with Jhin and Kaisa. They are arguably the strongest in the position and make it very valuable for me to play them in ranked for as long as they do not get nerfed.

In the jungle, I have gotten very good with Viego and Rammus. These are two champions that can play a carry role in the game. Viego excels in dueling and rammus can play a major role of tank. Unfortunately they fall off if the team comp is full AD.

My first game landed with a loss. I played Jhin since Kaisa got nerfed badly and I am stuck with Jhin.

If you see the graph you will notice I played the best in my team and health the most damage.

Unfortunately, we had a troll in the mid lane, who played Anivia. Although Anivia excels in lane control and leading in CS with her ult and CC abilities, she only managed to get 3 minions by 10 minutes. Which is very troll.
By the end of the game, she has only 31 CS and fed a lot of kills to the enemy by dying (or trolling).

The gold difference was massive. The enemy team already had the lead by 5 minutes and turned the match in their favor.
We tried to compensate by playing for objectives.
You can see below the graph, pre minute 10 we controlled the objectives and macro-play, but it was too late by then.

We lost to fed champs, nothing can be done about that.
A literal 4v5 situation.

I won't say I am happy with my performance either. I positioned throughout the map to make sure we stay in groups and take picks whenever possible and control objectives.

But I couldn't perform well as an immobile Jhin versus a team of hecarim, ezreal and soraka. Getting a one-shot execution is almost impossible in such a situation.

The second queue also ended in a defeat. My Jhin got banned by the enemy team, so, I queued up as Kaisa this time. Even if she got nerfed, she made the most sense to play since she synergizes well with Braum.

I could have picked Lucian, but having the extra mobility with Kaisa seemed more valuable here.

I insta banned seraphine, like my previous match coz she is simply cancer.

We did quite well early game, my botlane synergy of Kaisa and Braum went well for a good moment.
We had the lane in control, baited the jungler's ganks and made space for the other lanes to perform.

The synergy worked very well and we were able to completely shutdown Miss Fortune and Blitzcrank from being impactful the entire game.

MF ended the game with a 2/7 score compared to my 9/6.

Having the early powerspike, the gold difference tilted to our side. You can see in the graph that we were leading with gold since the early game. Come mid game we have spike but lose to the late game.

Hecarim and Illaoi scale very easily compared to our Jungler and top lane.

There is no clear explanation why we had a teemo in our team and it undoubtedly caused us the defeat.

Our Riven outplayed every single champion gaining 21 kills and doing the most damage. However, due to the troll teemo pick, she left the game and soon after we lost.

I dealt the second-highest damage in our team and it would be in the entire game unless we didn't get caught up in Illaoi's ultimate, repeatedly.

These were the 2 placement games I played. Both the games I landed with trolls in my team that didn't seem to care much.

I also noticed, the nerfs didn't matter in low elo. The buffs surely did. I think I will start banning hecarim every game since he seems to become an unstoppable force every match.

I have 8 more games before I am placed completely in a rank.
As of now, it is bronze 3.

Cries in game.

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Written by   5
6 months ago
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