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Dallas Mavericks adopt Dogecoin.

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5 months ago

In the most exciting recent crypto news, Dallas Mavericks have been making their way into the mass adoption of crypto. The Mavs are the most recent "big boys" of the business world to dip their hands deeper into crypto.

Mark Cuban, the famous business tycoon, and owner of the NBA stars, Dallas Mavericks made headlines earlier in February of 2021 when he instructed his team to not play the national anthem in their home games of the season. It was a very welcomed decision, as there have been players that had to breach contracts to take the knee.

Now, Cuban is back on the headlines again, but for a different reason. BitPay has announced the rollout of Dogecoin as a payment option for merchants and consumers. Cuban has confirmed that Maverick fans, precisely the Mavs Fans for Life (MFFL) can now use dogecoin to purchase tickets as well as mav merch.

The best part about the new addition was Mark's response as to why would he do something like this. The simple answer was to "for fun" and "because we can". Cuban has openly discussed his tactics to stray away from the shackles of regular, boring, and old-fashioned business tactics. He prefers staying with time and ahead of it in terms of business.

Accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment not only allows more people to turn into consumers by tapping into crypto holders and users, but it also puts Cuban and his business ahead of time. Almost as if preparing the foundation for the future where crypto adoption is inevitable. Mark's vision is quite on point. He has targeted the right future plan and seems to be going ahead seamlessly.

However, it is difficult not to appreciate how far doge has come. It seems rather inspiring and hilarious at the same time, how a coin that was created as a sort of a joke, or maybe rather seriously as a joke. And how far it has come today. The dogecoin, with one of the most famous memes of the older days as its face, at a face value, is exactly that - a meme.

However, it has seen more success than any other meme, value wise. Even after considering the volatility of crypto, in general, doge has been witnessing a constant uptrend. With doge's valuation hitting the $10B mark, and an overall 800+% upward movement, it is a joke to be taken seriously.

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Written by   5
5 months ago
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