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Celebrating the Year of Ox - opening the Lunar Beast 2021 ORB!

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7 months ago

League of Legends is celebrating the new year with a bang. They have released new skins for Darius, Viego, Alistar, Annie, Aphelios, Jarvan IV, and Fiora. Fiora also received the ultimate skin of the event - Lunar Beast Fiora Prestige Edition.

All the skins can be bought for RP or won through hextech crafting. They also have released a new set of missions that allow you to win Lunar Beast Tokens which can be redeemed for keys, eggs, borders, icons, orb, or the Prestige Edition Fiora.

My Lunar Beasts journey started with an impressive pentakill on Viego, which lead my team to victory. I was able to get a S rating that let me level up my mastery on Viego to 6. 3 more S or S+ games and I can unlock Mastery level 7.

Moving to hextech crafting; I have a few elemental shards. To be honest, I do not know what they are for. Maybe for TFT, but I do not play that mode.

I prefer "summoner's rift" 5v5s instead. I am least interested in the missions and the drops for anything TFT related.
Since disenchanting elementals give "orange essence", I decided to go with that.

I can later use the orange essence to buy skins or hextech boxes to get some cool gear in the game.

After my pentakill on Viego I completed a huge Luar Beast mission. I got an orb for that!

The orb is guaranteed to contain a skin shard, and has the chance to contain a gemstone, gemstone skin or Lunar Squad bag. I am hoping to get a good skin shard and hoping for a Lunar Squad bag because that is a goldmine.

The orb gave me the guaranteed drop, only. A "Legacy Content" skin - Conquerer Karma worth 975 rp or roughly worth $7.50.
The skin has a special recall and was partially funding the MSI competitions in the pro player scene.

I am not too excited about the skin since I prefer Legendary Skins. I do not play Karma, either. So it doesn't make sense for me to redeem the skin shard.

Currently, I have 16 skin shards waiting to be redeemed including the Conqueror Karma skin I received from the Lunar Beast event.

There are 2 legendary skins, 10 epic shard, of which 2 are Legacy Content shards, 3 purely Legacy Content skin shards, and 1 normal.

Eagerly waiting to redeem the Cosmic Lux Legendary skin shard. It is worth roughly USD 14.

The Lunar Beast event is cool. Bringing so much color, skin, joy and what not to the game. Every event brings something new to the game and it makes it that much more in touch with the world.

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Written by   6
7 months ago
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6 months ago