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Carpathian Linden Flower honey sold by vendors!

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4 months ago
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Just when winter is about to set in, I come across this beautiful DIY pop-up store with a magnetizing aroma. I could not believe my eyes when I read what the sign said. "Carpathian Mountain Honey". We have tonnes of honey vendors loitering the city. The superstore shelves are packed with honey of different kinds. But nothing comes close to Carpathian mountain honey.

The stall had 8 different kinds of honey in buckets. Each bucket had an information card attached to the top along with the prices. For that price, this was a very sweet deal.

The honey from the Carpathian mountains is incredibly famous in Ukraine. It is also one of the more sought after honey in Europe. The honey is considered extremely pure and very tasty. This all stems from where it is harvested. The regions are usually pollutant and chemical free. They are clean and very natural. This leads to a better quality of honey.

The Carpathian mountains create an excellent micro-climate for different plants, herbs, and trees to grow naturally. This allows them to take up more nutrients and flourish all their beneficial substances as they can grow in a more favorable environment. The bees have a lot to work with and thus some of the best honey is harvested from this region.

I decided to buy half a kilo of Linden honey. Here it is called "Lipovnii" honey. This honey comes from the Linden tree flowers and is extremely delicious as it is a unique taste. In the past I have only read about it, this would be my first time tasting the Carpathian one.

There were many sorts of honey at the stall. My eyes were only at the Linden flower honey. It is considered the best natural remedy for a cold season. Since winter is right around the corner, I thought it would be wise to stock up on it right now.

During winter when the chances of a runny nose and cough run high, Linden honey will come by as very useful. I personally like to sprinkle a pinch of fresh ground black pepper on a spoonful of honey and have it every morning. This is both good for the cough as well as the sore throat that accompanies a cough. Some people like to take honey without the pepper, though.

Vitamin B, C, and antioxidants within the honey are excellent to combat flu-like symptoms. During the winter you are always more susceptible to infections because most of your body heat is redirected towards your chest and core.

This leaves your nostrils, mouth, and hands vulnerable to becoming routes of entry for bacteria and viruses. Strengthening your immune system with raw honey can prove very beneficial in the winter.

I usually mix a spoonful of linden honey and mix it with 2 scoops of 10% greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics and good for your intestinal natural microflora. A mix of honey and yogurt creates a good layer of protection against acid reflux, GERD, diarrhea in the winter which is usually diagnosed as IBS.

Usually, this is all caused due to the tardy nature of visceral muscles due to heat conservation of the body, but also because of the microflora imbalance and constant protection against bacteria and viruses. One bowl of honey and yogurt can make a huge difference!

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Written by   9
4 months ago
Topics: Travel, Ukraine, Exploration, Hobby, Blog, ...
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